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250+ Beautiful Two-Syllable Girl Names (With Meanings and Variations)

If you’re still deciding on a name for your baby girl, check out this list of beautiful 2-syllable girl names.

There’s just something about two syllable names that is perfect in so many ways – they’re not too long, not too short, and there is so much variety you can fit into two syllables. For example, the names Eva and Cadence each have two syllables, but they’re as different as can be.

Here you’ll find everything from classic names to more unique girl names on this list. You’ll see names that are growing in popularity, as well as names that will guarantee that your baby girl doesn’t have to share her name with any of her classmates!

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Name origins and variations

Names can have different meanings in different languages and cultures. If you find a name you love, to some extra googling to make sure that it is a meaning you are satisfied with.

Also keep in mind that some name variations that I provide might change the name’s meaning (even though the variation is very similar-sounding) and can change the name origin.

For example: Amber and Ember are both beautiful girl names and sound very similar, but have very different meanings. Or Kerry and Carrie might be variations of each other, but have different meanings, different origins, and a very different “look and feel” when spelled out.

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So definitely do some extra research once you find a name you like, to make sure you are happy with it. Google it to make sure that it doesn’t have any alternate meanings, celebrities you might not want to associate with, or other issues you wouldn’t think about just from looking at a list of baby names.

So without further ado…

Girl names with 2 syllables


  • Abby | Joy of the father (English, short for Abigail)
  • Adele | Noble, kind (German)
  • Alex | Defender of its people (English, short for Alexandra) Variations: Alix
  • Ali | Noble (Arabic) Variations: Aly
  • Alice | From nobility (English)
  • Allie | Friend, partner (English) Variation: Ally
  • Alma | Nourishing (Latin) or Soul (Spanish)
  • Amber | Like the golden brown fossilized jewelry (English)
  • Angie | Messenger of God (English, short for Angela, Angelina, Angelica)
  • Anna | Gracious (Hebrew) Variations: Annie, Anne
  • Anya | Gracious (Russian)
  • April | Opening (Latin) Variations: Avril
  • Arie | Lion of God (Hebrew) Variation: Ari
  • Aryn | Ireland (Irish) Variations: Erin, Eryn
  • Ashley | Ash tree meadow (English) Variations: Ashleigh, Ashlee
  • Ashlynn | Combination of Ashley and Lynn (English)
  • Aspen | Aspen tree (American)
  • Astrid | God’s strength (Scandinavian)
  • Aubrey | Noble ruler (English) Variations: Aubry
  • Audrey | Noble strength (English)
  • Aura | Glowing light (Latin)
  • Autumn | Fall season (Latin)
  • Ava | Like a bird (Latin)

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  • Bailey | Steward (English) (also like the drink) Variations: Bailee, Baily
  • Bella | Beautiful (Italian)
  • Blakely | Black, dark or pale (English)
  • Blessing | Divine gift (English)
  • Bonnie | Pretty girl (English)
  • Brandy | Brandy, like the drink (American)
  • Bria | Short for Brianna (American)
  • Briar | Shrub or small tree (English)
  • Bridget | Exalted (in a state of extreme happiness or at a high or powerful level (Irish) Variations: Bridgit
  • Bristol | Site of the bridge (English)
  • Britney | From Great Britan (English, obviously) Variations: Brittney, Britnee, Britnay
  • Brooklyn | Broken land, but recently popular because of Brooklyn, NY (American) Variations: Brooklynn, Brookelyn

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  • Cadence | Rhythm (Latin) Variations: Kadence, Cadance
  • Caitlyn | Pure (Irish) Variations: Kaitlynn, Catelyn, Katelyn
  • Cali | Beautiful (American) Variations: Callie
  • Callie | Beautiful (Greek) Variations: Kallie, Cally
  • Cara | Beloved (Italian) Variations: Kara
  • Carla | Feminine version of Charles (Italian) Variations: Karla, Carlee, Carli, Karli
  • Carly | (American) Variations: Carlee, Carli, Carla, Karlee, Karley, Karlie
  • Cassie | Short for Cassandra (English) Variations: Kassie
  • Cecile | Blind of self beauty, named after the St. Cecilia patron of music (French) Variations: Cecille, Cecilia, Cici
  • Celeste | Heavenly (Latin)
  • Celine | Heaven (French)
  • Chanel | Canal, but often named after Chanel, the Fashion designer (French) Variations: Chanelle, Channel
  • Charlie | Free man, feminine/diminutive version of Charles (English)
  • Charlotte | Free, feminine version of Charles (French)
  • Chloe | Blooming (Greek) Variations: Khloe, Chlo
  • Cici | Blind of self beauty, short for Cecile (French)
  • Cindy | Diminutive form of Cynthia or Lucinda (Greek)
  • Clara | Illustrious (Latin) Variations: Claire, Klara, Clare
  • Cleo | To praise, to acclaim, short for Cleopatra (Greek)
  • Colleen | Girl (American, Irish)
  • Cora | Heart (Greek) Variation: Cori
  • Coral | Reef formation (English)
  • Cory | Hollow (Irish) Variations: Coree, Cora
  • Crystal | Brilliant glass (Latin) Variations: Kristal, Cristal

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  • Daisy | A daisy flower (American)
  • Dallas | From the meadow, also popular because of the city in Texas (Scottish, American)
  • Dana | From Denmark (Danish, American)
  • Dani | God is my judge, feminine version of Daniel (English) Variations: Danielle
  • Daphne | Laurel tree (Greek)
  • Dara | Compassionate (Hebrew) Variations: Darrah
  • Darcy | Dark one (French)
  • Dora | Gift (Greek) Variations: Theodora
  • Doris | Sea (Greek)

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  • Eden | Paradise (Hebrew)
  • Edith | Rich war (English)
  • Elaine | Light (English)
  • Ella | Young girl (Spanish) or Goddess (Hebrew), can be short for Eleanore
  • Ellen | Shining light (Greek) Variation: Ellyn
  • Elsie | Diminutive form of Elizabeth (German)
  • Elyse | Variation of Elise, God is my oath (French) Variation: Alyse
  • Ember | Spark, burning low (English)
  • Emma | Universal (Latin) or a diminutive form of Emily
  • Emmy | Diminutive form of Emily (English)
  • Ensley | From the elm tree (English)
  • Erin | Ireland (Irish) Variations: Eryn, Aryn
  • Esme | Loved, short for Esmeralda (French)
  • Esther | Star (Persian)
  • Eva | Giver of life (Hebrew)
  • Evie | Diminutive form of Eve (English)
  • Evy | Beautiful bird, short for Evelyn (English)
  • Ezra | Help (Hebrew)

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  • Fifer | Flute player (English)
  • Flora | Flowering (Latin)
  • Florence | Prosperous, flowering, also popular because of Florence, Italy (Latin)
  • Frances | From France, or Free, feminine or diminutive version of Francis/Frank/Francesca (Latin)
  • Frankie | Free, or truthful, feminine version of Francis (American)
  • Frieda | Peace, joy (German) Variations: Frida

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  • Gabby | (American) Diminutive form of Gabriella (Italian), which is the feminine form of Gabriel (Hebrew), which means God is my Strength
  • Gauddy | Named after Antoni Gaudi (Italian)
  • Georgia | Farmer, feminine version of George (English)
  • Gia | God is gracious, feminine form of John (Italian) Variations: Gianna, Giada
  • Gigi | Short for many names that start with “G” or have “Gi” in them, such as Georgia, Virginia, Giada, Gianna (French)
  • Gina | Queen, short for Regina (Italian) Variations: Jeanna, Geena
  • Giselle | Pledge (French) Variations: Gisselle, Gissel
  • Gracie | Variation of Grace (English)
  • Greta | Pearl (German) Variation: Gretta

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  • Hailey | Hay meadow (English) Variation: Haily
  • Hallie | Praise the Lord, Hallelujah (English)
  • Hannah | Grace (Hebrew)
  • Harper | Harp player (English)
  • Haven | Safe place (English)
  • Hayden | From the hay (English) Variations: Haydyn, Haden, Haiden
  • Hazel | Hazel treem (English)
  • Heaven | Home of the gods (English)
  • Heidi | Of noble kin (German)

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  • Indy | Independent or Indian (American)
  • Ingrid | Ing’s beauty (Scandinavian)
  • Irene | Peace (Greek) Variations: Irena, Irina
  • Iris | Colorful, rainbow (Greek)
  • Isla | Island (Scottish)
  • Ivy | Climbing vine plant (English)


  • Jackie | Supplanter, or someone who takes something by force or through scheming. Diminutive form of Jacqueline, feminine form of Jacques/Jack (English) Variations: Jacqui, Jaclyn, Jacqueline, Jackeline, Jacky
  • Jada | Wise (Hebrew) Variation: Jayda, Jaida
  • Jaelyn | Supplanter (American) Variations: Jaylin, Jaelynn, Jailynn
  • Jamie | Supplanter (English)
  • Jana | God is gracious (Slavic) Variation: Jane, Jayne
  • Janelle | God is gracious (American) Variations: Janel, Jheanelle
  • Janette | God is gracious (French, Hebrew)
  • Janie | God is gracious. Diminutive form of Jane (American) Variations: Jane, Janey, Jaynee
  • Jasmine | Jasmine flower (Persian) Variations: Jazmyn, Jazmin, Yasmin
  • Jayla | Created name (American)
  • Jazzlyn | Gift of god, influenced by Jazz (American)
  • Jeizza | Created name (American, Spanish)
  • Jenny | Short for Jennifer (English)
  • Jessie | Short for Jessica (English)
  • Jewel | A precious stone (English)
  • Jocelyn | Little goth (English) Variations: Joselyn, Joslyn, Jocelynn, Joslin
  • Joelle | God be willing (French)
  • Joey | God will increase, feminine version of Joseph (English)
  • Jolie | Pretty (French)
  • Jordyn | To flow down (Hebrew)
  • Josie | God will add (American)
  • Julie | Youthful (French) Variation: Julia
  • July | Born in July (English)
  • Juno | Goddess of love, marriage, and childbrith (Latin)


  • Kadence | Rhythm (Latin) Variations: Cadence, Kaidence
  • Kaia | Pure (Scandinavian) Variation: Kaiah
  • Kaitlyn | Pure (Irish) Variations: Caitlyn, Catelyn, Katelyn, Kaitlynn
  • Kallie | Beautiful (Greek) Variations: Callie, Caleigh, Cally
  • Kara | Dear (Italian) Variation: Cara
  • Karen | Pure (Scandinavian) Variations: Caren, Caryn, Caren
  • Karla | Free man, feminine version of Karl (German) Variations: Carla, Karly
  • Kathryn | Pure (English) Variations: Katherine, Catherine, Cathryn
  • Katie | Pure (English) Variations: Kate, Kati, Catie, Cate, Kathryn
  • Kaylie | Who is like God? (American) Variations: Kaylie, Caylee, Kaylee, Kalee, Caileigh, Kailee
  • Keira | Black-haired (Irish) Variations: Kiera, Kierah
  • Kendall | Valley of the river Kent (English) Variations: Kendal, Kendyl
  • Keri | Free (American) Variations: Carrie, Kerry
  • Kerry | From the county of Kerry (Irish) Variations: Keri, Kerri, Carrie
  • Kimber | Short for Kimberly, also the name of a large gun manufacturer (American)
  • Kira |Black (English) Light (Indian) Variations: Ciara, Kyra
  • Kristie | Diminutive form of Kristina, feminine version of Christopher, Chris, Christian, etc. (English) Variations: Kristi, Kristine, Kristina, Christina, Krista
  • Kristin | Christian (German) Kristine, Krysten


  • Lada | Goddess of love and fertility (Slavic)
  • Lana | Light (Slavic) Variations: Lena, Alena, Leena
  • Lata | Creeping vine or branch (Indian)
  • Laura | Laurel (Latin) Variations: Laurie, Laury, Lori
  • Lauryn | Laurel (American) Variations: Laurynn, Lauren, Laurie, Laura, Laury
  • Layla | Night, black (Arabic) Variations: Laylee, Leihlah
  • Lea | Weary (Hebrew) Variations: Lia, Leah
  • Leanne | Gracious, merciful (English) Variations: Leann, Leeann
  • Lena | Woman of Magdala (Hebrew) Variations: Lina, Lana, Alena, Leena
  • Lexie | Defender of people, short for Alexandra (American) Variations: Alex, Alix, Lexi
  • Lia | Weary (Italian) Variations: Leeah, Lea, Leah
  • Lida | People’s favor, diminutive form of Ludmila (Russian)
  • Lilac | Purple color or flower (Latin)
  • Lilith | Of the night (Arabic)
  • Lily | Lily flower, diminutive form of Liliana (English) Variations: Lee Lee, Lee
  • Lina | Nickname for names ending in Lina, such as Angelina (Italian)
  • Lisa | God is my oath (English) Variations: Leesa, Liza
  • Lita | Manly, nickname for Carlita, feminine version of Carl (Spanish)
  • Liza | God is my oath, short for Elizabeth (English) Variations: Eliza, Elizabeth
  • Lola | Sorrows, short for Dolora (Spanish)
  • London |From the great river, but typically named after the city of London (English) Variations: Londyn, Londynn
  • Lori | Laurel (American) Variations: Laurie, Lauren, Lauryn
  • Lottie | Free, diminutive form of Charlotte (English)
  • Lucille | Light (French) Variation: Lucy
  • Lucy | Light (English) Variation: Lucille
  • Luda | Love of people (Russian) Variations: Mila, Lyudmila
  • Lulu | Pearl (Arabic) Famous warrior (English)
  • Luna | The moon (Italian)
  • Lydie | From Lydia (French) Variation: Lydia


  • Maddie | Woman of Magdala, short version of Madison or Madeleine (English) Variations: Maddy, Mady
  • Maggie | Pearl, diminutive form of Margaret (English)
  • Mandy | Lovable, diminutive form of Amanda (Latin) Variation: Mandie
  • Margot | Pearl (French) Variation: Margott
  • Marley | From the Baoundary Field (English) Variations: Marlee, Marleigh
  • Marven | Great lady (American)
  • Mary | Of the sea, beloved (Hebrew) Variations: Maria, Mariah
  • Marcy | Warlike, feminine version of Marcus (American)
  • Masha | Russian version of Maria (Russian)
  • Maureen | Of the sea (Irish)
  • Maxine | Greatest, feminine version of Max (English)
  • Maya | Good mother, illusion, water (English) Variations: Mya, Maia,
  • Meadow | Field of grass (American)
  • Meagan | Variations: Megan, Meaghan, Meghan
  • Mia | Of the sea (Scandinavian)
  • Missy | Bee, short for Melissa (American)
  • Michelle | Who is like God? (French)
  • Mila | Variations: Milah
  • Miley | Smiley (American) Variations: Mylee, Mylie
  • Mimi | Short for Miriam
  • Molly | Of the sea (English)
  • Morgan | Great circle (Welsh)
  • Myra | Behold (Latin)


  • Nadine | Hope (French) Variation: Nadene
  • Nita | Gift of God (Spanish)
  • Neeta | Upright, bear (Hindi)
  • Nia | Bright (Welsh)
  • Nicole | Victory of the people, feminine version of Nicholas (French) Variations: Nikki, Nikole
  • Nikki | Victory of the people, diminutive form of Nicole (American) Variation: Nicky
  • Nina | Little girl (Spanish)
  • Nola | Fair shoulder (Irish), or a named named after the city of New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA)
  • Nomi | My delight, short version of Naomi (Hebrew)
  • Nora | Honor (Irish) Variation: Norah
  • Nova | New (Latin)
  • Nuri | My fire (Hebrew) Bright, illuminous (Arabic)


  • Oaklynn | Beautiful oak (American)
  • Olive | From the olive tree, feminine form of Oliver (English)
  • Opal | Precious gem (Indian)


  • Paisley | Church (Scottish)
  • Payton | From Pacca’s town (English) Variation: Paityn, Peiton, Payten, Peyton
  • Parker | Park keeper (English)
  • Paula | Humble, small, feminine form of Paul (Latin) Variation: Paola
  • Penny | With a web over her face, diminutive form of Penelope (English)
  • Perla | Pearl (Spanish)
  • Phoebe | Bright, shining (Greek)
  • Piper | Flute player (English)
  • Polly | Great sorrow (English)
  • Poppy | From the poppy flower (Latin)
  • Precious | Precious one (American)
  • Priya | Beloved, short for Priyanka (Indian)


  • Quinnie | Descendent of Conn (Irish) Variation: Quinn, Quinny


  • Raina | Queen (Slavic) – could be 3-syllable depending on pronunciation
  • Rainbow | A rainbow (American)
  • Raven | Blackbird (English)
  • Rena | Joy (Hebrew), short for Renata (Italian) Variations: Reena, Runa
  • Riley | From the rye clearing (Irish) Variations: Ryleigh, Ryley
  • Rina | Jasmine, Vegetables, Greens (Japanese)
  • Robyn | Bright fame, feminine version of Robert (English) Variation: Robin
  • Rory | Red king, diminutive form of Lorelai (Irish) Variation: Rori
  • Rosa | Rose flower (English)
  • Rosie | Rose flower (English) Variations: Rose, Rosa
  • Roslyn | Little rose (Spanish, American) Variation: Rosalyn
  • Ruby | Red gemstone (English)


  • Sadie | Princess (English)
  • Salma | Peaceful (Arabic)
  • Sandy | Diminutive form of Alexandra, feminine form of Alexander (English)
  • Sandra | Diminutive form of Alexandra, feminine form of Alexander (English)
  • Sara | Princess (Hebrew) Variation: Sarah
  • Scarlett | Red (English)
  • Shayna | God is gracious, beautiful (American, Hebrew)
  • Shura | Russian nickname for Alexandra (Russian)
  • Siobhan | God is gracious (Irish) Variation: Shavon
  • Skylar | Scholar (American) Variations: Sky, Schuyler
  • Sophie | Wisdom (French) Variation: Sophia, Sofie, Sofia
  • Stella | Star (Latin)
  • Summer | Summer season (American)
  • Sunny | Sunny, like the sun (English)
  • Sutton | From the south town (English)
  • Sydney | Short for St. Deny’s (French) Named after Sydney, Australia (American)


  • Tara | Tower, hillside (Irish)
  • Tasha | Born on Christmas day, short for Natasha (English)
  • Taylor | One to tailors clothes (English)
  • Terri | Short for Theresa (English) Variation: Terry
  • Tessa | Harvester, short for Theresa (English)
  • Thea | Gift of god (Grek)
  • Tia | Aunt (Spanish)
  • Tori | Winner, conqueror (English) Variation: Tory


  • Uma | Nation (Indian) Tranquility (Sanskrit)
  • Una | One (Latin)


  • Vera | Faith (Russian)
  • Violet | Blue/purple color or the flower violet (English)


  • Willa | Feminine form of Will (American)
  • Willow | From the willow grove (English)
  • Wilma | Short form of Wilhelmina (American)
  • Wima | Upright (African)
  • Winnie | Diminutive, female form of Winifred (English)


  • Xena | Hospitable, also the name of the warrior pricess TV character (Greek)


  • Yara | Small butterfly (Arabic)
  • Yasmin | Jasmine flower (Persian) Variations: Jasmine, Jazmyn, Yazmin


  • Zara | Princess (English) Variations: Zarra, Zaira
  • Zainab | Fragrant flower (Arabic)
  • Zia | Radiant (Hebrew)
  • Zina | God-like (Russian)
  • Zoe | Life (Greek)
  • Zoelle | Combination of Zoe and Elle (American)
  • Zoey | Life (Greek)

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