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100+ Beautiful French Girl Names That are Très Chic!

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Très Chic! C’est Magnifique! This list of over 100 French Girl Names has something for everyone. Modern, trendy and uncommon, or beautiful, adorable and rare; each of these names is sure to set your baby girl apart. If you’re in need of a unique first or middle name for a girl, you’ll definitely want to save this list!

We just finished our massive compilation of French Boy Names and decided to dive right into this ultimate list of French names for girls. Our growing baby names archive just wouldn’t be complete without these adorable girl names from France.

If you’re looking for something a little left of norm, a foreign baby name might just be the trick. This list is full of vintage and unique names, names you might not have heard before and even unisex names.

We’ve also included a great mix of popular and traditional names that you’ll recognize and variations on names you know from the US like: Nicolette vs Nichole and Rachelle vs Rachel.

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No matter your preference, we’re confident this list has a great baby name for you and your daughter-to-be!

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What are Some Pretty French Girl Names?

Mom holds baby bump and thinks of French names for girls.

Jolie, is one of our favorite French Girl Names. This adorable name literally means “pretty”. So, if you’re searching for a pretty French name for your baby girl, this hits right on the nose.

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Here are a few of our other favorite “girly” and pretty names from this list:

  • Belle | Beautiful
  • Bijou | Jewel
  • Elle | She
  • Fleur | Flower
  • Mignon | Delicate/Dainty
  • Zerline | Beautiful Dawn

While this list is full of great names for girls, you’ll also find several androgynous names, too!

We think, Spencer, is super cute for a boy or girl. Some other cute unisex names are: Autry, Beau, Chandler, Chaney and Denver. And you might also like, Garnet, Mercer, Noel, Paris and Remy.

It doesn’t happen often, but that ultrasound could be hiding a boy! These names work perfectly for either or!

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Baby Name Meanings

We love to know the meaning of a name around here. Whether it’s just a fun side note, or a super cool revelation, the meaning of a name can help you narrow down your search and make the naming process more special.

When you pick a foreign name for a baby, it’s likely you’ll get lots of questions about where it came from and what it’s inspired by. Our list has you covered for that! You’ll be ready with all that info as well as a nice story to share with your baby as she grows.

(We typically include name origins as well, but this list is all French derived so no need for that here!)

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Our Top 100+ French Girl Names

Cute baby girl plays on sidewalk.

So, without further ado, here are our top 100+ French names for girls!


  • Abella | Breath
  • Allura | To entice, attract
  • Alouette | Lark
  • Ambrette | French word name
  • Amelie | Work
  • Armel | Bear prince
  • Autry | Noble strength; French surname

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  • Beau | Handsome
  • Belle | Beautiful
  • Bijou | Jewel
  • Blanche | White
  • Brie | French place name (of cheese-producing region)
  • Brielle | Hunting grounds


  • Cecile | Blind of self beauty
  • Celine | Heavenly
  • Chandler | Candle maker
  • Chanel | Dweller near the canal
  • Chaney | Oak tree
  • Chantal | Stone, boulder
  • Chantilly | French place-name noted for lace
  • Claiborne | Boundary with clover
  • Clementine | Mild, merciful
  • Coralie | Coral
  • Cosette | Little thing; literary name


  • Daija | Already
  • Delancey | From Lancey
  • Delphine | Dolphin
  • Denver | Green valley or from Anvers; French place name and surname
  • Desiree | Desired, wished
  • Dior | French surname


  • Éliane | My God has answered
  • Elle | She
  • Emeraude | Emerald
  • Emilie | To strive, excel, or rival
  • Eponine | French horse goddess
  • Estelle | Star


  • Fleur/Fleurette | Flower
  • Forest | Woodsman or woods
  • France | Place name


  • Garnet | Pomegranate; jewel name
  • Genevieve | Tribe woman
  • Georgette | Variation of George


  • Ila | From the island


  • Jolie | Pretty
  • Josette | Jehovah increases


  • Landry | Ruler
  • Laramie | Canopy of leafy boughs
  • Liana | To climb like a vine
  • Linnet | Flaxen haired
  • Lorraine | From the province of Lorraine
  • Louisiana | French place name


  • Magritte | French surname
  • Mailys/Maelys/Maelle | Chief or prince
  • Marcheline | Warrior
  • Margot | Pearl
  • Marie | Star of the sea
  • Mars | Roman god of war
  • Maurelle | Dark, elfin
  • Mauve | Violet colored
  • Mavis | Songbird
  • Mercer | French occupational name
  • Mignon | Delicate, dainty
  • Mirabelle | Marvelous
  • Mireille | To admire
  • Monet | French artist name
  • Monique | Advisor
Baby girl reclines in flower covered chair.


  • Nicolette | People of victory
  • Noel | Christmas
  • Noelle | Christmas
  • Nouvel | New


  • Odette | Wealthy
  • Oriane | Sunrise


  • Page | Page attendant
  • Paris | French place name
  • Pascale | Passover
  • Percy | French surname
  • Provence | French place name


  • Questa | One who seeks
  • Quincy | Estate of the fifth son


  • Rachelle | Ewe
  • Raine/Reine/Reinette | Queen
  • Ranger | Forest guardian
  • Remy | Oarsman
  • Rene | Reborn
  • Rochelle | Little rock
  • Roselle | She


  • Sandrine | French variation of Alexandra
  • Sigourney | Daring king
  • Simone | Hearkening
  • Simonette | Hearkening
  • Sojourner | To stay a while; word name
  • Solange | Solemn
  • Soleil | Sun
  • Solene | With solemnity
  • Sorrel | Reddish brown; botanical name
  • Spencer | Keeper of previsions
  • Sydney | Saint Denis


  • Tu | You


  • Vedette | Star, leading actor
  • Veronique | True image; French form of Veronica
  • Vianne | Blend of Vivian and Anne
  • Victoire | Victory
  • Violette | Purple
  • Vionnet | French designer name
  • Vivienne | Life; French variation of Vivian
  • Viviette | French variation of Vivian
  • Vrai | True; French word name


  • Xaverie | From Xavier, meaning new house or bright


  • Yvette | Yew tree
  • Yvonne | Yew wood


  • Zerline | Beautiful dawn

Sweet French Terms of Endearment

Mom holds baby above head on park bench.

We thought it would be fun to include some French nicknames for your daughter-to-be. These were some of our favorite terms of endearment:

  • Ma fille | My Daughter or My Girl
  • Mon rêve | My Dream
  • Mon ange | My Angel
  • Mon ciel étoilé | My Starry Sky
  • Mon trésor | My Treasure

How magical and sweet are these phrases!? has lots of other precious sayings you can learn for your “French” baby girl and other family members, too!

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Did You Love These French Girl Names?

French words on chalkboard.

We can’t get over how adorable these names are and hope you found a cute first or middle name for your bundle of joy.

Click the Pinterest share image to save this list to your baby names board and pass them along to your mom friends, too!

Be sure to check out these other great baby names for more ideas and let us know what you think in the comments!

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