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101 Joyful Christmas Baby Names for Girls + Boys

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and the holiday season has me thinking about all of the Christmas baby names I start noticing around this time. If you are lucky enough to be expecting during the holiday season, you may want to give your new baby a Christmas girl or boy name to give your little one a little extra special meaning; especially if you love Christmastime!

Adorable young baby wearing a santa claus suit and hat sitting in a metal Christmas snow sleigh

There is inspiration for Christmas themed names for babies everywhere you look in December. Some might be typical baby names with unique holiday origin or just a really neat name, part of a song, or the name of Christmas related item nearby, there is a unique set of merry little holiday names that bring a bit of extra joy any time of year!

Joy to the World: Christmas Baby Names

This massive list of Christmas names is perfect for December babies or moms looking for unique and meaningful girl names or festive boy names any time of year! From biblical baby names to names that mean peace, love, joy and more, these names make the top of Santa’s list.

Now these names don’t have to be reserved just for babies born around Christmas, they make a great choice for anyone who loves celebrating it and the reason for the season. But they are especially great for December babies! 

While some of the baby names that are Christmas inspired might seem a little more uncommon than others, there are many names on the list that you are probably very familiar with and maybe just didn’t know it had a special meaning. 

Check out some of our favorites below, and if you are searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for babies, check this post out too!

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Christmas Inspired Names for Baby Girls

  • Angela/ Angelina /Angeline – messenger
  • Angelica /Angelique – of the angels
  • Arella/ Arela – angel, messenger
  • Aster /Asteria – star
  • Avery – elf counsel
  • Bliss – supreme happiness
  • Carol – for its festive connection with Christmas carol
  • Christabel /Christabella /Christabelle /Christelle /Christen – follower of Christ
  • Christiana /Christie /Christina /Christine /Christy – follower of Christ
  • Christmas – Christ’s mass
  • Dora – gift
  • Eve/Eveleen – life
  • Estelle /Estella /Estie – star (this is one of our favorite French girl baby names!)
  • Faith – confidence
  • Gloria /Glory
  • Hollisha – Christmas born
  • Holly
  • Hope
  • Ivy
  • Izydora – gift
  • Joy – jubilation
  • Krista /Kristal /Kristle /Kristy /Kristiana – follower of Christ
  • Latasha – Christ’s birthday
  • Mary – Mary, mother of Jesus
  • Matana – gift
  • Nataliya /Natasha /Nathalie – Christ’s birthday
  • Natalee /Natalie – Christ’s birthday
  • Nattie – gift of God
  • Neve – radiance, bright
  • Nevada – snow-covered
  • Noella /Noelle /Noellia – day of birth
  • Roxanne /Roxie /Roxy – star, bright
  • Snow
  • Star
  • Stella – star
  • Tasha /Tashia /Tosha – Christ’s birthday
  • Tea /Teddy – gift of God
  • Virginia – festive connection – Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!
  • Winter

Festive Christmas Baby Names for Boys

  • Angel /Angelo – messenger
  • Avery – elf counsel
  • Bennett – Blessed
  • Casper/Caspar – one of the magi
  • Christian – follower of Christ
  • Doron – gift
  • Jasper /Jaspar – version of the name Casper
  • Jesse – God’s gift (Hebrew)
  • Jon /Jonathan – God has given
  • Joseph – Mary’s husband
  • Kris – festive connection to Kris Kringle
  • Mathias /Matt /Matthew – gift of God
  • Nate /Nathan /Nathaniel– gift of God
  • Noel – French for Christmas; also means day of birth (and shows up on our top French boy names too!)
  • Nicholas /Nick – festive from Saint Nick, or Saint Nicholas….later Santa Claus
  • Sterling – little star
  • Teddy – gift of God
  • Theo /Theodore – gift of God
  • Wynter – winter
  • Zane – gift from God

Stuck on choosing a name for your baby?

One of the most fun, and yet sometimes most aggravating things about being pregnant is choosing a name. Once you find out you are pregnant, you will start to notice names everywhere.

Not only will you be interested in other babies now, but you will also be interested in knowing what their names are, how many kids have them, and which ones you want to steer far away from. You’ll try them out, see how they roll off the tongue, and quickly discard some less than ideal ones!

Chances are, you will visit baby name sites and choose a favorite name; only to be replaced with a new favorite a few days later. Eventually, one will feel right and it won’t be replaced.

Once you think you’ve reached a decision, write your baby’s name on paper to see how it looks and then, just for baby’s sake, make sure your baby’s initials don’t spell something like that might end up looking a bit unfortunate!

If you are struggling with where to start, (or are in a last-minute rush to find a name you agree on…no judgment there!) give these festive names a try! 

Or check out these other great lists of unique baby names for the new addition to your family:

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