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Third Trimester Essentials: Pregnancy Must Haves for Moms-to-Be

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite finds and third trimester essentials for surviving + thriving in the final months pre-baby.

The end of pregnancy is tough—your body is physically exhausted all of the time, you are ready for it to be over but also rushing to finish last minute things. Here are a few things to make it easier!

Pregnant woman on blue background

The third trimester of my second pregnancy came upon me super quick.

I kept thinking throughout the second trimester about how I have so much time to get everything done and then all of sudden I was at a third trimester doctor’s appointment and my doctor asked if I was starting to feel prepared and I realized I should probably get a move on things.

But that’s a different story. Today is about the things that are making life a little better, more comfortable or just downright necessary for life in the third trimester.

Pregnancy Must-Haves: Third Trimester Essentials

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Support Belt

As the belly gets heavier and heavier, it takes a toll on your whole body, especially your back. Finding a good maternity support belt is super helpful, and it also really helped with reminding me of my limits with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).

This one is very adjustable and was great for my active job.

Pregnant woman wears belly support during third trimester.

Speaking of support belts, I’m loving a design of leggings that were sent to me for review. The Goodbody Goodmommy Maternity Leggings have a built-in support belt that is flexible and extremely comfortable.

It provides the benefit of extra support while being active (the material and design was crafted especially for activewear while still looking good for everyday wear) and the bonus is you can sit comfortably in these leggings while wearing them (which you cannot do in a support belt for long periods of time).

Pregnant woman models maternity leggings for 3rd trimester.
Pregnant woman wears maternity leggings during final trimester.

Find these awesome leggings here. My cardigan was also sent from Goodbody Goodmommy, and it serves as a multi-purpose item and nursing cover! See my IGTV review for more details on how it works!

Comfortable Sneakers

All this extra weight is making walking (or waddling) harder and more uncomfortable.

A solid pair of shoes is important, and though I love my flip flops, I’m finding myself wearing loafers and sneakers more and more to provide extra support.

Find a good pair you’ll love with any outfit—they just have to be easy to slip on! Here are some great options:

Sperrys (perfect for everyday wear)

Third trimester shoe option for pregnant women.

Sofree Slip on Loafers

Comfortable shoe for third pregnancy trimester.

Roxy Sneakers

I’ve been literally living in these, so lightweight for summer and just the touch of extra support needed.

Comfy shoe for pregnant women in third trimester.

Soothing Lotion & Cream

Talk about belly itch! With skin stretched as tight as it can go these last few weeks have been horrendous for itchy skin.

Charlie thinks it is a game that the baby is making me itch and likes to “help” scratch.

Soft lotion (yes I’m really using that one because it is so great!) and body butter have been my go to products this month.

Water Bottle

It is so important to stay hydrated all pregnancy long, but especially leading up to delivery. Did you know that being dehydrated could actually increase contractions or the possibility of preterm labor?

My doctor (and lots of others) suggest drinking water if having contractions (especially when you are not sure if they are real ones or Braxton Hicks) to see if that helps them stop.

So find a water bottle you don’t mind carrying everywhere, and get your drink on! Bonus if you find one now that will work for long nursing session later on (read—can use one handed like this one) or a straw cup that will work great as part of your hospital bag.

Body Pillow

Woman uses pregnancy pillow.

Sleep is sporadic at best and unbearably uncomfortable at worst during the third trimester.

It is funny how people like to say “sleep now before the baby comes” when in reality as hard as you try just having a big ole bump makes it difficult. Add in restless legs, sciatica, SPD, and other pregnancy related ailments, and it can be downright impossible.

While pregnancy pillows don’t necessarily mean you will sleep through the night, they do help to support both belly and back and make it a little easier to prop up all of the parts that need it.

Here are some great options for a variety of budgets.

Other Essentials + Must Have Items for the Third Trimester

  • Prenatals—keep taking them!
  • Lots of snacks (full meals are hard with such a compressed stomach and you don’t want to be caught out and about hungry or with low blood sugar)
  • An app for creating to-do lists and reminders since you will likely have so much on your mind (I love using Evernote)
  • Amazon Prime (because going to the store, especially with a toddler, is exhausting)

*Grab a free 30-day Prime Membership to get you through delivery and get all those last minute baby and postpartum items you need delivered straight to your door in 2 days! Click here for a free trial.

What other Third Trimester Essentials am I missing? Let me know what you love below!

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