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About Kate & her family

You’ve read what the Mom Friend is all about, but if you’re curious to learn more about me and my little family, you’ve come to the right place.

About Kate

As much as I would LOVE to live the picture-perfect lifestyle of some of my favorite Instagrammers, the reality is that is just not me. 

I am not the mom who has it all together and I try to be as real as I can with other new moms so they don’t have to feel alone in the struggle. And that is the beauty of The Mom Friend—and why so many moms follow along for tips, inspiration and product recommendations.

Every day I work on finding balance between work and motherhood, being a wife, and keeping a decently clean and organized house. I have no problem admitting that, but it is my goal to always work towards improving in each of those areas.

A few fun facts

  • I was born in Ukraine and I speak Russian
  • I grew up in Brooklyn, NY
  • I ran a marathon once, but can’t even run a full 5k now (thanks, motherhood!)
  • I love cheese. My husband points out that I say “I love cheese” more often that “I love you”
  • I dream of living in a house with a little backyard farm
  • I LOVE to cook and I have a food blog: Babaganosh
  • I’m part stay-at-home-mom, part blogger, and part freelance writer. It’s a lot to juggle!
  • I have a Master’s in Chemistry and was a scientist prior to the whole motherhood / blogging gig. Life can be unexpected that way!!

It means so much to me that you have stopped by The Mom Friend. I look forward to journeying through motherhood with you—with realness, support, and a little humor thrown in.

About our family

  • We have a fun-loving, sweet little boy named Elliot who does not sit still, ever!
  • We built our life together in New Jersey, but moved to the Bahamas when our son was just 6 months old because of my husband’s job
  • We have two cats – they came with us!
  • We are currently trying to raise our son trilingual (my husband speaks Spanish – but neither one of us speaks each other’s language lol), so be on the looking for tips for raising multi-lingual kids, coming soon!
  • Unfortunately, we have a lot of experience with picky eating. We had a few struggle years with our son from the time he was 1-3 years old, but I think we’re past the worst of it. If you need any help with helping your baby or toddler overcoming picky eating, you can find lots of resources on where I share our best tips

Say hello!

Enough about me. Writing about yourself is awkward.

I love hearing from my readers! Send me an email at ANY TIME ([email protected]) and say hello, tell me about your family, what you’re loving at the moment or what you’re struggling with, and let me know what kind of content you would like to see on the Mom Friend so that this site can be helpful for you.



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