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Second Trimester Update & Tips for Dealing with Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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As I reach the halfway point of this pregnancy, it is crazy to think how fast it is going! So I wanted to share a bump update to capture some of this pregnancy in writing, and to share some tips to help you during yours as well. I’ve got the low-down on a routine to help deal with those pesky stretch marks plus the best stretch mark cream, and other ways to make the most of the second trimester.

The main attraction: 20-week bump

Pregnant woman holds belly and looks away from camera.

I’ve reached the point where everyone who looks at me knows I’m pregnant– and that is fine by me! I get remarks and questions from store clerks and even my special education students are noticing and asking about it. One boy asked “what about your other baby” when I answered that yes, I was having a baby- I told him I’m going to keep both ?. So now I get daily questions from my students, and is so sweet to see their interest and concern for the baby.

At my last Dr. appointment, everything looked great and was measuring on track. We also had our 18-week anatomy scan ultrasound! We found out the gender– but you’ll have to wait a little more for our special announcement!

Charlie was an absolute fit throwing toddler at the scan, reminding me of the differences of the first pregnancy to this one! It definitely didn’t help that I had to wake her up early from a nap to go, the dr was 30 minutes late and then it took 45 more minutes to do the scan.

Tip for other second time moms: Find a babysitter so you can enjoy the ultrasound!

All about Mama

Thankfully I started feeling much better a few weeks into this trimester, so no more all day morning sickness and only occasional nausea. Lots of heartburn though, which is no fun, and ny doctor actually thinks the nausea is related to that which is interesting—I would never have guessed!

I have similar cravings to when pregnant with Charlie: mostly fountain soda and burgers, but lately lots of milk too! Since my other cravings are not healthy, I’m definitely having to be mindful and make sure I’m eating nutritious food since I don’t really feel like other stuff.

I’ve noticed lots of changes too, rather than luscious pregnancy locks my hair is brittle dry, and 2 days after buying a new bra in a larger band size it already feels tight, so time to actually size up in that department!

Tips for Dealing with Stretch Marks During Pregnancy (and the best stretch mark cream!)

Last pregnancy my skin was super dry and itchy, I was left with the lovely gift of stretch marks, mostly on my thighs and as Charlie says “me bum” ?. This time around I wanted to address both of those from the start. While there is no sure way to actually prevent stretch marks, there are definitely ways to make skin feel softer, less irritated and more elastic to accommodate a growing bump.

Water and exercise are very important to keep skin healthy, but it is not enough on its own. Women undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy, and so does skin, including loss of skin elasticity, collagen breakdown and dry skin. To address that (and those pesky stretch marks), it is helpful to use products that help the skin fight back.

My favorite is Palmer’s Stretch Mark Formulas, which contain natural ingredients and extracts such as Collagen, Elastin, Cocoa/Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Argan Oil and Lutein (a powerful combination that treats skin damage/scarring, helps bind skin together, improves elasticity and softens skin). These products help fight stretch marks, and help reduce the appearance of them (hello first pregnancy!).

Palmer's stretch mark creams and lotions with cocoa butter

Palmer's stretch mark creams and lotions with cocoa butter

I’ve been using Palmer’s for over a month, and am loving how my skin feels. I use it every night after my shower and my skin feels soft and hydrated all through the next day. I start with the Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks for a quick once over, and then use the Massage Cream (which is seriously the best stretch mark cream I’ve tried) and Tummy Butter on the big problem spots and rub them both into my belly and thigh area. Many women get stretch marks on their breasts, so that is another good place to do it!

I have noticed that in addition to super soft skin (I actually caught myself thinking that while rubbing my belly one day talking to the baby) but I am avoiding most of that dry winter + pregnancy itch. My stretch marks from the previous pregnancy look a lot better and seem much less noticeable, and my skin doesn’t feel tight, so I am definitely going to continue this routine through the rest of the pregnancy!

Pregnant woman holds container of stretch mark cream.

Woman massages stretch mark cream onto pregnant belly.

Tip for using the stretch mark creams: Don’t stress about using all of them every day. I’m often tired at night and just want to get into bed, so might just do one or two and it still feels great. And let the area air dry a bit before applying the next one for the most absorption!

Charlie update:

Charlie is as obsessed as ever with “her baby” and showers it with kisses and hugs multiple times a day. She loves sharing with people if it will be a baby brother or baby sister (though lately, she has also started telling me it is the opposite gender haha!).

She is always lifting up my shirt to see the baby (through clothes isn’t good enough) and she has started saying how much she loves the baby and asking questions showing concern (Baby’s cold? Baby take nap?). It is too cute!

Toddler girl places hand on her mother\'s pregnant belly.

Toddler girl hugs her mother\'s pregnant belly.

I’m really looking forward to them getting to become little besties. I definitely have a lot on my to-do list though, so I’m trying to enjoy the time I have now and am excited about some big things over the next few months!

I’d love for you to follow along during this pregnancy over on The Mom Friend’s Instagram and be sure to check out Palmer’s too for more information on how to deal with stretch marks during pregnancy!

Did you get stretch marks during your pregnancy? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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Favorite Stretch Marks Remedies and tips for fighting stretch marks during pregnancy.

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Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy

Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Looking good!! I lathered on so much lotion when I was pregnant with my two girls!

This Messy Season

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

Such gorgeous photos!


Friday 16th of March 2018

Thank you so much!


Thursday 8th of March 2018

So glad you started to feel better! I used the same lotion for stretch marks and love it!


Friday 16th of March 2018

Me too! It's is so much easier to take care of a toddler when not bogged down by being sick all the time!

Chelsie Carr

Thursday 8th of March 2018

I've heard really good things about all products from Palmers! Will definitely have to look into them! Glad this pregnancy is going well so far!


Friday 16th of March 2018

They have such great ones for pregnancy and beyond!


Wednesday 7th of March 2018

How cute is your belly! And it looks like Charlie is going to be a great big sister! Great tips on the stretch mark front ?


Friday 16th of March 2018

Aw thanks! Yes she is going to be great—she is just obsessed with babies, real or not!

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