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19 Extra Special Leap Year Baby Names for 2024

2024 is going to be an exciting year for expecting parents, and as a leap year it is also quite unique, so we’ve got the best leap year baby names to celebrate!

The next Leap Year is coming up!

That means if you have a due date in February or early March, you could end up having your baby on February 29th–something that can only happen once every 4 years. An extra special baby deserves an equally good name, so I’m sharing a few adorable names for leap year babies to help celebrate their big day every day–even if they can’t see it on the calendar!

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Of course, the odds of having a leap day baby is 1 in 1,461 so you might either want to keep a leap year inspired name on reserve just in case, or plan on using it to reference the entire year instead!

If you think you might have the chance of being a parent to a leapling–the nickname given to people born on the 29th–then you should probably have a little information about how a leap year works (since your baby will grow into a curious child who will have LOTS of questions about why their birthday isn’t on the calendar every year). 

Here are a few facts about leap years and leap year babies to impress your friends with (or to kill time during labor on the 28th/29th this year!). Want to head straight to the baby names? Just scroll on down!

What is a leap year and how often does it occur? Is it every 4 years?

Yes and No. When first implemented by Julius Ceasar, leap years were eventually settled into being just every four years. Now, leap years occur every 4 years, unless the year is divisible by 100 (meaning years like 1700, 1800, 1900).

But wasn’t 2000 a leap year? Yes it was, along with being the year everyone thought computers everywhere were going to crash due to the date turnover (we even had a block party to see if the lights would go out!). 

So doesn’t that break the rule?

No, because there is one more exception.

Leap years occur every 4 years (on years that are multiples of 4) UNLESS it is divisible evenly by 100 EXCEPT in years when it is also divisible by 400. 

Got all that?

So 2000 divides evenly by 400, therefore meeting the criteria. These type of years are called century leap years. The next time that will happen will be in the year 2400. 

And there’s your little educational lesson for the day.

Now on to our favorite names for these extra special little ones!

Unique & Meaningful Leap Year Baby Names for Boys and Girls

There are many ways to acknowledge how special it is to have a baby born on Feb 29th, and giving them a name that reflects some aspect of the unique day they were born is something they can grow up cherishing.

Whether you choose a name that means rare like the day itself, or that is inspired by the history of it, here are some interesting baby names for your little leapling.

  • Sadie

    You’ll probably heard of Sadie Hawkins, a once popular theme for high school dances where girls invited the boys. February 29th is similar, with many women proposing to their future husbands instead. Sadie is a common suggested name in honor of this trend!
  • Julius/Julian

A nod to the emperor who started it all, Julius Ceasar was the one who attempted to fix the calendar by adding in a extra day to what was known as the Julian calendar, making both variations the perfect name for a little boy born on a leap day.

  • Julia/Julie/Jules

Feminine variations of the above. 

  • Roman /Roma /Rome

History and travel loving parents  might want to give their baby after the Roman Empire. The feminine ‘Roma’ is also the Italian name for the beautiful city of Rome, the heart of it all. 

  • Amethyst

Not only is Amethyst a rare gem, it also is the birthstone for the month of February, making it the perfect name for someone born on such a rare date.

  • Tetra

Playing off the idea of every four years, Tetra carries the special significance of meaning “four”. 

  • Delta

The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

  • Ivy

In Roman numerals, the number 4 is represented as IV. The phonetic spelling is also a trendy baby name. 

  • Springer

Another way to approach the name decision is to use one that literally means “leap”, like Springer does. Or you could take the idea of leap being active and pick one of these active boys names in honor of leaping over their birthday!

A beautiful and rather uncommon name that means “leaping water”.

  • Marvell /Marvella

Meaning “wonderful” and “extraordinary”, this feminine names originates from Latin America. 

  • Felix

Meaning happy, lucky, and successful, Felix would be a great name for a little boy whose parents were pulling for an extra special birthday! Celebrate the achievement of being right on time with a name that continues to spread joy. You might also want to go out an buy a lottery ticket, just in case!

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When it comes down to it, giving your child a name is one of the first decisions you make for them that will impact the rest of their life. Choosing one that celebrates one of the initial aspects that makes that baby unique is something that will be meaningful their entire lives, as well as serve as a good conversation piece for the future.

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