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The 12 Essential Postpartum Supplies I *Actually* Used

3 weeks ago I once again entered the new mom club—only this time it was as a mom to both a toddler and newborn! Some things seem like second nature, and some things continue to surprise me (like how tiring middle of the night awake sessions are!).

But after both deliveries, there were definitely common postpartum supplies that made (or are making) the recovery period a little more manageable.

Pinnable image of Postpartum Essentials.

Be sure to check out—and stock up—on these things PRIOR TO heading to the hospital, so you are ready to go after the fact!

12 Essential Postpartum Supplies I couldn’t have lived without

  1. Squeeze Bottle / The MomWasher
  2. Tummy Friendly Underwear
  3. Dermoplast
  4. Pads
  5. Heating Pad
  6. Ice Packs
  7. Stool Softener
  8. Nursing Bras & Tops
  9. Postpartum PJs
  10. Baby Wrap/Ring Sling
  11. Nursing Pads
  12. Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs

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Squeeze Bottle (MomWasher)

The nurses on the maternity ward will show you how to use the hospital provided squeeze bottle to clean yourself when using the bathroom (hint—you won’t want to wipe for quite a while after giving birth).

They will send you home with your bottle to continue using, which is totally fine and gets the job done. I used the hospital provided one for my first recovery.

However I came across the MomWasher from Fridababy, and if the extra bucks are in your budget, it is a great improvement over the standard bottle.

Frida Baby Fridet on Amazon.
Essential postpartum supplies from Amazon.

It holds more water and is more ergonomic to hold and use—the extended spout makes spraying from both directions (front and back) easier—once you get used to the angle!

Pick the right underwear

Good panties for postpartum from Amazon.
Postpartum supplies from

Mesh Underwear from the hospital is pretty AMAZING (seriously, nothing else I’d rather be in while at the hospital), but once back home its appeal starts to dissipate once you try to wear normal clothing (mesh underwear has a boycut so might feel weird for some under PJs or clothing).

It is great for the extra large pads the hospital sends you home with (and keeps ice packs from falling out) but the style doesn’t work well for regular pads with wings since there is no place to fold them over.

Your best bet is to find and purchase underwear that is 1. full coverage and 2. low or high enough so it doesn’t cut into your stomach. If you have a c-section, obviously you will want to avoid bands around that area, but even if you deliver vaginally having underwear cut into your stomach is extremely sore and irritating.

I had extremely bad cramping for a week and a half after coming home, and anything pressing on my stomach made it even worse!

Take a run at the underwear aisle like I did to find ones you like, or you can even buy postpartum underwear like these designed specifically to avoid those issues!

Other Bathroom/Comfort Necessities

Once home try I tried to replicate as many of the things that the nurses gave or offered as possible to aid in my recovery.

I stocked up my postpartum care kit with different sizes of pads (extra large for first few days, thinner regular ones for the next few weeks), extra Dermoplast, reusable ice packs, stool softener, and made sure to pull my heating pad out of the abyss (aka my cluttered hall closet).

Dermoplast product for postpartum.

Amazon web image for postpartum supplies.
Dermoplast is expensive in stores, so ordering a 2 pack off Amazon saved quite a bit (it can be used for other types of first aid so having extra is no big deal). Be sure to get the one with the blue top!

Nursing Clothing & Essentials

Having nursing-friendly clothing has made a huge difference in the ease and comfort of adjusting to life with a new baby. I found it really worthwhile to have a few bras and shirts on hand that work well for feeding, including:

  • 2-3 Sleep nursing bras
  • 2 regular nursing bras
  • Nursing tanks (for staying home or layering)—I have this one and bought this 3-pack too
  • Breastfeeding friendly PJs
  • A few nursing tops

Out of the few different sleep bras I have, this has been my favorite but this one is a cheaper backup to have on hand. The PJs are something that I did not have last time around and have loved how convenient they are.

The first few days home I wore mostly this gown (which funny enough I bought for the hospital but didn’t really think I would wear much) because I didn’t feel comfortable in pants, but then these nursing pajamas became my go-to.

They can’t be washed quick enough because I wear them too much! I love how the top opens and keeps my chest warm in the middle of the night.

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And tops designed for nursing—while not always the cutest in style—have been a lifesaver. Running after a toddler while nursing my newborn, or being around lots of family, I’m loving the empire split style tops for the early days of marathon nursing session.

This top and this tank are cheap options that I added to my wardrobe and actually find really comfortable.

Other Postpartum Must-Haves:

Nursing Comfort & On the Go

Three other things that have really stuck out as essentials this time around are reusable nursing pads, hot/cold packs for soothing sore or engorged breasts, and a baby carrier/ring sling.

Disposable nursing pads feel scratchy to me and never stay in the right place. Most reusable pads are made out of soft cotton or bamboo, making them much less annoying and more absorbent.

Breastfeeding nursing pads from Amazon.
Nursing pads for pastpartum.
Amazon store postpartum supplies.
Supplies for women in postpartum from Amazon.

I definitely recommend stocking up on a few pairs (at least 3, preferably more) to get you through the first few weeks. I’m still using them a month later—just when it seems I don’t need to I end up soaking my shirt in the middle of the night!

There is a huge adjustment period when breastfeeding for the entire body, and engorgement can come on quickly when your milk comes in. I was so uncomfortable on one side especially, and these Therapearl packs were a lifesaver.

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs for postpartum.

Essential products for postpartum women from Amazon.I kept them in the freezer and used them both cold and heated in the microwave depending on what I felt I needed. Definitely worth buying!

And if you’ve been around here for a while, you know I love babywearing, and this past month has brought lots of snuggles with both my Baby K’tan baby carriers and my ring sling. They made life around the house and getting out with a newborn and toddler much easier!

Every new mom is going to experience a different recovery, but these are the top things I have *actually* used over and over again this time around—not just a list of things you should get based on what I’ve found on Pinterest! 

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Was there anything you found especially helpful for postpartum care that other moms should know about? Let me know below!

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