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120+ Adorable French Boy Names that are “Très Bon”!

C’est Magnifique! This massive list of French Boy Names has the perfect mix of names that are interesting, old-fashioned, and as cute as can be! You’ll love these 122 french baby names for a unique first or middle name for your bébé garçon—baby boy.

We love being the ultimate resource for cute baby names. So, after a bit of research, we knew we had to include these adorable French boy names in our growing archives.

Each of these names rolls off the tongue in a suave and sophisticated way, making it easy to find a popular or more rare french name for a boy that both modern and traditional moms will love.

Be sure to also check out our list of beautiful French girl names if you are having twins, or are not sure of the gender!

What are Good French Names?

French woman holds blue baby shoes for a boy.

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A good French name that is universally cute can come from a surname like these: Autry, Decartes and Denver.

They can also be different spellings or pronunciations of an American name like, “Lyon vs Lion”, “Croix vs Croy” and “Coty vs Cody”.

Here are some of our favorite rare baby names from France that work great as a first or middle name: Dax, Gabin and Lowell.

Cute, right?!

And a few of our favorite, more recognizable names from this list are Gage, Harvey and Chandler. These are names you’ve seen before but are still a little more uncommon.

As you’ll see, EVERY name on this list is an incredible find!

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French baby name meanings

We work hard to include the meanings for each name on our baby names lists! This extra information can make the choice of a name more purposeful, or even help you break a tie between two great options.

When choosing a baby name that may be more popular in a foreign country as opposed to at home, people are going to be intrigued by the name and will almost certainly ask where it came from and for the meaning.

French names could also be a great way to create your own unique version of something more common here in the U.S (or wherever you are from). Instead of focusing first on the name, you could also browse the meanings to find something similar to what you might be considering currently, and see how the foreign equivalent fares against your current list of baby names.

But even if just a cute side note, a name’s meaning is fun to know, so why not share!

(With origins in mind, we do typically include name origins on our lists as well. But because each of these names is French inspired, we didn’t need to add those here!)

122 of The Cutest French Boy Names with Meanings

So, here they are! The cutest ever French names for boys! The name itself is in bold, and the meaning follows.


  • Algernon | Mustached man
  • Aramis | French literary name
  • Armel | Bear prince
  • Autry | Noble strength


  • Baptiste | Baptist
  • Barbeau | Fisherman
  • Bayless | Bailiff
  • Beau | Handsome
  • Beauchamp | The beautiful field
  • Beauregard | Beautiful gaze
  • Blaisot | To lisp, stammer
  • Bouvier | Herdsman
  • Breton | From Brittany
  • Burke | From the fortress


  • Cable | Rope
  • Cabot | To sail
  • Chandler | Candle maker
  • Cheney | Oak tree (this great name also appears on our list of earthy Nature Boy Names)
  • Chaplin | Clergyman
  • Claiborne | Boundary with clover
  • Corentin | Tempest, hurricane
  • Coty | French surname
  • Croix | Cross
  • Curtis | Courteous, polite


  • Dabney | From Daubigny
  • Darrell | Dear one, beloved
  • Daumier | French artist name
  • Dax | French place name
  • Decartes | Dweller at the outskirts of town; French surname
  • Delano | From the forest of nut trees; French surname
  • Delmore | Of the sea
  • Delroy | Servant of the king
  • Denver | Green valley or from Anvers; French place name and surname
  • Deveraux | Riverbank
  • Diggory | Lost one
  • Dougray | French surname
  • Drury | Dear one, sweetheart
  • Dumas | On the little farm
  • Duvall | Of the valley


  • Érasme | Beloved, desired
  • Étienne | Garland, crown


  • Favre | Ironworker
  • Florin/Florent/Florentin | Flowering
  • Forest | Woodsman or woods
  • Fort | Strong


  • Gabin | Of Gabium
  • Gable | Triangular feature in architecture
  • Gage | Oath, pledge
  • Garnet | Pomegranate; jewel name
  • Garson | To protect
  • Gaston | The foreigner, the guest
  • Gervais | Skilled with a spear


  • Harvey | Battle worthy


  • Jacques | Supplanter
  • Jeter | Surname


  • Lacrosse | The cross
  • Lafayette | Faith
  • Lancelot | Servant
  • Landry | Ruler
  • Lanier | Wool worker
  • Laramie | Canopy of leafy boughs
  • Lebron | Brown-haired one
  • Leroy | The king
  • Lowell | Young wolf
  • Lyon | Lion


Cute bay smiles for camera.

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  • Mael | Chief or prince
  • Mailer | Enameller
  • Maison | French word name
  • Mars | Roman god of war
  • Marshall | One who looks after horses
  • Mercer | French occupational name
  • Montague | Pointy hill


  • Nazaire | French place name
  • Noel | Christmas
  • Nouvel | New


  • Olivier | Olive tree


  • Pacome | Of strong nature, pacifier
  • Page | Page attendant
  • Parc | Park
  • Paris | French place name
  • Parish | Ecclesiastical locality
  • Pascale | Passover
  • Percival | One who pierces the valley
  • Percy | French surname
  • Philippe | Lover of horses
  • Picard | From Picardy
  • Platt | Flat land
  • Prewitt | Brave little one
  • Proust | French literary name


  • Quain | Clever, quick
  • Quennel | Dweller at the little oak tree
  • Quincy | Estate of the fifth son


  • Ranger | Forest guardian
  • Regis | Kingly
  • Remy | Oarsman
  • Rene | Reborn
  • Renon | To make famous
  • Roy | King
  • Russell | Redhead, fox-colored


  • Salinger | Surname
  • Sorrel | Reddish brown; botanical name
  • Spencer | Keeper of previsions
  • Squire | Esquire


  • Talon | Large claw of a bird of pray; French word name
  • Terrance | Smooth; Roman clan name
  • Thayer | French variation of Taylor
  • Thoreau | French surname and literary name
  • Toulouse | French place name and surname
  • Toussaint | All saints
  • Travis | Tollgate-keeper


  • Vallis | From Wales
  • Vardon | Green knoll
  • Vere | Alder English from
  • Vermont | Green mountain
  • Verrill | Honest
  • Villiers | Town-dweller
  • Vitus | Life
  • Vrai | True; French word name


  • Warren | Park-keeper


  • Yannick | God is gracious
  • Yves | Yew wood

Sweet French nicknames for boys

If you have a little man with the perfect French name, then it seems natural to add in a few nicknames or terms of endearment to add to your vocabulary as well. Some of our favorites include:

  • Je t’aime | I love you
  • Mon fils | My boy
  • Mon petit chéri | My little darling
  • Mon beau | My beautiful one
  • Mon petit coeur | My little heart

For even more, check out this great post for a mini french lesson in love names!

Parents pull French boy names from a hat.

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How great are these cute French boy names? We certainly enjoyed researching and compiling this ultimate list of French names for boys and hope you enjoyed discovering them, too!

Click the Pinterest share image to save this to your list of baby names, and be sure to check out the other great baby names for more inspiration!

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