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100+ Masculine Girl Names (With Meanings and Origins)

Are you considering a masculine or androgynous name for your baby girl? Then check out this list of awesome 100 masculine girl names, complete with meanings and origins.

Many of the names on this list are boy names that used to be girl names, and are now being given to girls more frequently. Many names below are slightly masculine girl names, while many are names that are traditionally male but sound great on a girl.

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Reasons to give your girl a masculine name

There are many reasons to give girls a traditionally “masculine” name. Personally, I think it’s time to break some antiquated gender traditions, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to give babies beautiful names that might be a little different than what people traditionally expect. For example, there are tons of beautiful flower names for boys, and the masculine girl names below are actually quite beautiful.

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Another reason is that sadly, having a gender-neutral or androgynous name can still be advantageous in life compared to women with more traditionally feminine names. For example, many women authors still write under a men’s name, or initialize their first name (example: J.K. Rowling), so that their novels are purchased by men and women and taken more seriously.

And of course, gender bias in the workplace still exists. Everything from not getting a callback for a resume because of a name to simply forming biases in people’s heads when they see a name on an email can still hinder a woman’s career, unfortunately.

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Because of these reasons many parents want to give their girls androgynous, gender-neutral, or masculine baby names. But aside from that, the names listed below are simply beautiful and any girl would be lucky to names like these!

Besides, trends change and names go in and out of style often! Names that used to be men’s names are often typically used for girls, and vice versa.

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Masculine Girl Names


  • Adrian | Person from Hadria (Northern Italy) (Latin)
  • Alex | Defender of the people (English)
  • Ashton | Ash tree town (English)
  • Ashley | From the ash tree field (English)
  • Aspen | Quaking tree (American)
  • Aubrey | Noble Ruler (English)
  • Austin | Great (English)

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  • Bailey | Bailiff, Steward (English)
  • Billie | Diminutive of William (English)
  • Blair | Battlefield or Plain (Scottish)
  • Blake | Black, Dark (English)

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  • Caden | Fighter (American)
  • Cagney | Descendant of the Advocate (Irish)
  • Callen | Slender, Thin (Irish)
  • Cameron | Bent nose (Scottish)
  • Charlie | Free Man (English)
  • Cooper | Barrel maker (English)

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  • Dallas | From the meadow dwelling (Scottish)
  • Dawson | Son of David (English)
  • Denver | From the passage of the Danes (American)
  • Devon | From the tribe of Dumnonii (English)
  • Dylan | Son of the Sea (Welsh)

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  • Elliot | The Lord is my God (English)
  • Emerson | Son of Emery (English)
  • Emery | Work Ruler (English)
  • Ender | Extremely Rare (Turkish)
  • Ezra | Help (Hebrew)


  • Fable | Story with a moral or lesson (English)
  • Fallon | Of a ruling family (Irish)
  • Farley | From the fern-covered clearing (English)
  • Farren | The color iron-grey (English)
  • Fenton | Marsh town (English)
  • Finley/Finn | Fair warrior, Hero (Scottish)
  • Frankie | Free, Truthful (American)


  • Gale | Pleasant, Merry (English)
  • Galen | Calm (Greek)
  • Gannon | Son of the fair-haired one (Irish)
  • Garren/Garron | Combination of Gareth and Darren (American)


  • Hamilton | From Hamela’s Settlement (English)
  • Hanson | Son of Hans (Scandinavian)
  • Harper | Harp player (English)
  • Hayden | From the hay downs (English)
  • Hudson | Son of Hudd (English)
  • Hunter | One who hunts (English)


  • Ian | God is gracious (Scottish)
  • Iden | From the marsh land pasture (English)
  • Iggi/Iggy | Only son (African), Firey one (English)
  • Iker | Visitor (Basque)
  • Indie/Indy | Independent, Indian (American)
  • Ira | Watchful (Hebrew)


  • Jaime | Supplanter (Spanish)
  • Jessie | Variant of Jesse, Gift (Biblical)
  • Joey | God will increase (English)
  • Jordan | To flow down (Hebrew)
  • Jules | Youthful, Downy (French)


  • Kaden/Kadin | Fighter (American)
  • Keegan | Descendant of the fiery one (Irish)
  • Kelly | Bright-headed (Irish)
  • Kelsey | From Ceol’s Island (English)
  • Kendyl | Valley of the River Kent (English)


  • Laken | From the lake (American)
  • Landen/Landon | From the long hill (English)
  • Landry | Land ruler (English)
  • Lane/Layne | From the lane (English)
  • Langley | From the long meadow (English)
  • Larson | Son of Lars (Scandinavian)
  • Lennon | Dear one (Irish)
  • London | From the great river (English)


  • Madison | Son of Matthew (English)
  • Mason | Stone worker, Brick Layer (English)
  • Maxwell | From Maccus’ Spring (English)
  • Morgan | Great circle (Welsh)


  • Noah | Rest, Peace (Hebrew)
  • Nixon | Son of Nicholas (English)
  • Noel | Born on Christmas day (French)


  • Oakley | From the oak tree field (English)
  • Ocean | Sea (Greek)
  • Ogden | From the oak valley (English)
  • Ollie | Elf army (English)
  • Omri | My sheaf (Hebrew)
  • Owen | The Yew tree, Youth (Irish)


  • Pace | Peaceful one (English)
  • Padgett/Paget | Attendant (English)
  • Pagan | Pagan (English)
  • Palmer | Holy land pilgrim (English)
  • Paris | From Paris, France (Greek)
  • Parker | Park keeper (English)
  • Parley | Trader (English)
  • Parry | Son of Harry (Welsh)
  • Peyton | From Pacca’s Town (English)
  • Phoenix | Blood red (Greek)
  • Porter | Door keeper (English)


  • Quentin | Fifth (Latin)
  • Quest | Long search (Latin)
  • Quincy | Person from Quincy, France (French)
  • Quinlan | Descendant of the handsome man (Irish)
  • Quinn | Descendant of Conn (Irish)


  • Raleigh | From the red or rye field (English)
  • Ray/Rae/Rey | Counsel Protection (English)
  • Riley | Descendant Of Roghallach (Irish)
  • River | Stream of water that flows to the sea (English)
  • Robin | Bright fame (English)
  • Ryan | Descendant of the King (Irish)


  • Sage | Herb, Prophet (English)
  • Sandy | Diminutive form of Alexander (English)
  • Sasha | Diminutive form of Alexander (Russian)
  • Sawyer | Wood cutter (English)
  • Shawn | God is gracious (American)
  • Shiloh | His gift (Hebrew)
  • Skylar | Scholar (American)
  • Storm | A storm (American)
  • Sydney | Contraction of St. Denys (French)


  • Talan/Talen | Forehead (Welsh)
  • Tanner | Leather worker (English)
  • Tate/Tait | Cheerful (English)
  • Tatum | Cheerful, Full of spirit (English)
  • Taylor | One who tailors clothes (English)
  • Tyler | Tile maker (English)


  • Upton | High village (Egyptian)
  • Urban | From the city (Latin)
  • Uriah | God is my light (Hebrew)


  • Val | Short form of Valentine (English)
  • Varen | Gifts (Indian)
  • Varian | Variable (French)


  • Walden | From the valley of the Britons (English)
  • Ware | Dam (English)
  • Wyatt | Son of Guy (English)


  • Yancy/Yancey | Create name (American)
  • Yardley | From the wood where spars were got (English)
  • Yates | Dweller by a gate (English)


  • Zaidin/Zaiden | Increasing, Surplus (American)
  • Zealand | From the Sea land (English)

What do you think of these names for baby girls? I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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