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Preschool Learning with Noggin

Can we talk for a second about how hard it is to be a working mom and to have your 4 year-old preschooler home with you??

Because it’s hard. There’s no such thing as work-life balance, and it feels like I’m juggling and spinning plates all at once. Except instead of plates and juggling balls, it’s constant requests for snacks and the sweetest little voice saying “play with me, mama” and “mama, can you read me this book?” and “color with me” when I need to focus on emails and deadlines. 

And the mom guilt is real.

This post was sponsored by Noggin. All pictures and opinions are my own.

Toddler using nogging app.

Finding Noggin

When I discovered Noggin, it was a life saver for me and such a great find for my son!

Noggin features preschool learning games, ebooks, and activities led by my son’s favorite characters. We are huge fans of PAW Patrol, Dora the Explorer, Santiago of the Seas, and monster trucks of all kinds over here, so any activity that has those characters is always a win for us.

I love the variety of read-along eBooks and interactive games and physical activities that my son can do with Noggin – so much better than other platforms where kids just zone out and don’t learn much.

Preschooler reading ebook.

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Noggin ebooks

My FAVORITE part about the Noggin app are the eBooks!! We have a lot of kids’ books, but we’ve read each one at least 100 times by now, so I love the fact that my son can access dozens of new eBooks.

love being able to put on an eBook on Noggin for my son and have the app read a book to him while I get 15 uninterrupted minutes to focus on work (phew!). The words in the book are highlighted as the book is read, and it’s such a great way for preschoolers to learn to recognize more words.

My son loves books and I am so glad I have a way for him to read books with his favorite characters since I am not able to read to him all day.

Preschooler using noggin app on a tablet.

Noggin for travel

All the downloaded eBooks are available offline, which is such a great feature for travel with kids. We are hoping to travel more this summer and we have Noggin loaded on our phones and on the tablet to take with us and keep our son sitting quietly on a plane with offline eBooks.

Be sure to also check out these car activities for toddlers, perfect for road trips!

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Noggin learning games for preschoolers

Noggin also has simple learning games that are just right for preschoolers and young kids. Noggin has reading games, math games, sing-along videos and dances to follow, and interactive coloring books.

Can we talk about how amazing it is to have coloring books on a tablet, so we don’t have to bring broken crayons with us (that we eventually lose) when we travel??

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More Noggin features

A few other favorite features on Noggin:

  • Hola! section – videos and ebooks in Spanish. We are raising our son trilingual, so we try to expose him to as much Spanish as we can!
  • Podcasts – short and sweet learning-oriented podcasts, for example, a 7-minute podcast about the letter F. Our son knows that we listen to podcasts, so he LOVES having “his own podcasts!”
  • Big Heart – a section with videos, ebooks, and games that teach about feelings and emotions. I’m sure every mom can appreciate any extra resources for helping our little ones manage their big feelings.

Noggin has a free trial so you can try out ALL the features for yourself to see whether your kids will love it as much as we do. The free trial is extended to 60-days, if you sign up before 06/30/2021! So definitely give a try over the summer and you’ll see why we are so happy that we found Noggin!

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