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Summer Camp at Home Activities & Themes: Free Printable Planner

Can you believe that schools out and summer is just right around the corner? Not only is this is an exciting time for the kids, but it also means that there will be some downtime that you’re going to want to fill at home as well-especially after the spring we’ve had! When summer camp at home is going to happen, it’s important to be prepared for tons of great activities, too!

This summer, in particular, might be a challenge—after all the kids have already been stuck at home for the past few months, and many (if not most) summer camps are canceled or drastically changing their programming due to current restrictions and lots of unknowns about public health.

This FREE DIY Summer Camp Printable Planner is jam-packed full of awesome summer camp weekly themes that will keep the kids active and happy. Not only will this help keep boredom at bay, but it can actually make life easier by having some predictable activities and a plan to fill those long hours!

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post to get your free packet of summer camp activities at home.

Summer Camp At Home

In no way do we mean you have to throw a full summer program filled with learning and activities all day every day during the summer. The idea of bringing summer camp activities to your backyard is abut taking the best parts of camp, and using them to engage, play and explore at home.

Once you have a solid plan in place, you can literally create your own summer camp with ease. The best part about having a summer camp at home is that it puts no pressure on you as the parent, at all.

Some activities you can easily set up for the kids and sit down on the couch and watch them have fun. And if you don’t feel like doing something, just don’t do it. It’s literally as simple as that.

free summer camp at home printable packet with themes, menu, ideas and activities sheets

When the kids actually go away for summer camp, you’re looking at a week or two max. But with a DIY summer camp at home, the kids can literally have a fun summer camp every single day.

Talk about the best summer ever! When every day is as fun as camp, why wouldn’t you want to take full advantage of it?

DIY Summer Camp Activities for All Ages

For overnight summer camps, you’re typically looking at the middle school-aged kids and above. But when the summer camp is at home, it’s open and available to all ages of anyone in the family!

From toddlers to school-aged kids, they’re all welcome to join in on the fun. Plus, since they’re all home together, they’ll be able to bond and create awesome summer camp family memories, too.

weekly theme and activity ideas for summer camp at home

As long as you’re doing these activities in a way that works well for you and your family, that’s all that truly matters. No stress is the way to be this summer and these printables can help you accomplish just that.

Use these printables as a guideline but don’t force yourself to set any hard rules. Leave a bit of wiggle room so that the kids can pivot and change directions if they want!

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Summer Camp at Home Planner

This is quite the planner. There is so many great printables here that will make your DIY summer camp be a total success.

What is included in this Summer Camp at Home Planner?

In this summer camp packet, there is:

  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Supplies and Resources Checklist
  • Weekly Themes and Activities (blank to add your own)
  • Weekly Themes and Activities full of ideas

It’s thorough and really sets you up for success! (and fun!)

To download your free Summer Camp at Home Planner, just click here or on the picture below.

summer camp at home printable activties and themes

As you can see, it breaks it down week by week and literally guides you along the way!

This planner will help you plan out all the food and activities over the course of the summer without putting any stress on you at all. And when the kids ask what there is to do, you’ll have a long list of great ideas just waiting for them to explore.

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