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15 Brilliant New Mom Gift Baskets (DIY + Premade)

There are so many things a new mom needs, wants, or wishes she had. Half the time she might not even realize how much something could be helpful, and that is one of the reasons I love putting together gift baskets for new mommies.

Not only can I tailor each new mom gift basket to each friend, but I can give some of the things I couldn’t live without when I had my own children, as well as a few things to help make her life just a little bit easier, more comfortable, or less exhausting.

Because as a new mom after delivery we need all the help we can get!

Best Gift Baskets for New Moms

New mom gift basket filled with self care items.

What do you get a new mom for herself?

A new mom gift box or survival kit is the perfect gift for an expecting mom and will make a great present to give during the baby shower, at the hospital, or when you visit a new baby at home.

The gift baskets typically provide a lot of items that mom and baby will use and while it may not seem like a big deal, these gifts can come in pretty handy. It is also important for mom to take care of herself too, so throwing in some items just for mom is always a great idea.

Items such as postpartum care and comfort items, snacks, water (or wine) bottles, PJs, and other things to help simplify life with a newborn are always great ideas.

Whether you are looking to make the new mom a handmade gift basket, or purchase one, these are some of the best gift baskets to help new moms.

DIY New Mom Gift Baskets + Premade Favorites

The Best DIY New Mom Gift Baskets

From DIY to self care, baby essentials and treats just for moms, these gift basket ideas for new moms are the perfect gift to give her after delivery or at a baby shower.

Premade Gift Baskets You Can Buy for Moms

Sometimes you just don't have the time (or desire) to make a basket. And that's totally ok!

Here are some great gift baskets for moms that you can buy and have shipped either to you (for giving it in person) or straight to their door!

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