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85 Pairs of Funny Twin Names for Boys and Girls

Looking for funny twin names, or silly nicknames for twins?

You’re in luck!

We’re sharing 85 pairs of witty and funny twin names that reflect the joys of having two little ones, as well as silly twin nicknames for a touch of laughter that reflects the everyday chaos of parenting multiples.

Get ready to chuckle and perhaps find inspiration for your dynamic duo’s monikers in this lighthearted exploration of twin-naming fun!

Funny Twin Baby Names for Boys

Twin boys with blue knit shorts and hats lay from opposite sides with their heads together.

Here are some of our favorite twin names for brothers, as well as silly nicknames that take inspiration from pop culture, literature, and music.

From Sesame Street to Ivy League Universities, you’ll find fun and funny twin names for boys that are sure to stand out!

  1. Bert and Ernie – From the popular “Sesame Street” television series
  2. Bill and TedFrom the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”
  3. Chip and DaleFrom the classic cartoon
  4. Chip and DipEveryone’s favorite party snack
  5. Chris and TopherDiminutives of the name Christopher
  6. Christopher and RobinThe first and last name of the main character in “Winnie the Pooh”
  7. Easten and WestenClever names taken from the cardinal directions East and West
  8. Flynn and RiderThe first and last name of a character from Tangled
  9. Holmes and WatsonFrom the famous literary detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his sidekick
  10. Jesse and JamesThe first and last name of the famous historical outlaw. Also a good duo of names with the same first letter.
  11. Mario and LuigiFrom the Super Mario Nintendo game
  12. Mike and IkeA fruity chewy candy
  13. Pete and RepeatA clever play on words
  14. Phil and RefillA clever play on words
  15. Phineas and FerbA Disney animated series
  16. Rick and Morty An animated sitcom
  17. Simon and GarfunkelA famous music duo
  18. Stan and FordFrom the Ivy League University, Stanford
  19. Thor and LokiFrom the Marvel Series and Norse mythology
  20. David and Goliath A classic duo of biblical names
  21. Tom and JerryFrom the classic cartoon

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Funny Twin Girl Names

Twin baby girls with pink floral headbands embrace under a pink muslin blanket.

We love these sweet and funny names for twin girls.

Find cute and clever combos borrowed from famous sports legends, geography, and more. And even if these won’t be the official family names, they make great cute nicknames for twin sisters.

  1. Abby and GabbyA fun rhyming pair
  2. Abra & Cadabra Famous magic words
  3. Anna and ElsaMain characters from the Movie “Frozen”
  4. Blossom and SweetpeaCute plan names
  5. Brandi and Candi A fun rhyming pair
  6. Bric and BracFrom the common saying “bric-a-brac” (a miscellaneous collection of small articles)
  7. Cagney and Lacey A classic TV drama from the 80s
  8. Holly and IvyDecorative plants
  9. Holly and MollyA fun rhyming pair
  10. Madonna and RhiannaTwo legendary music artists
  11. Mary-Kate and AshleyThe famous twin duo
  12. Paris and London Iconic European cities
  13. Petunia and RoseTwo beautiful flowers
  14. Pippa and KateFrom the Royal Family
  15. Pixie and DixieA cute rhyming pair
  16. Satin and LaceTwo feminine textiles
  17. Stella and LunaFrom the classic children’s book “Stellaluna”
  18. Thelma and LouiseA classic move duo from the 90s
  19. Venus and Serena Famous tennis star sisters
  20. Wilma and Betty Characters from the classic cartoon “The Flintstones”

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Silly Names for Boy/Girl Twins

Boy and girl twins in a green and pink onesie.

If you’re having boy and girl twins, here are some funny twin names you’ll recognize from classic TV shows, historical figures, and even cars.

  1. Bart and Lisa Characters from the popular animated series “The Simpsons”
  2. Beauty and BeastFrom the classic Disney movie
  3. Bella and EdwardCharacters from the book and movie serious “Twilight”
  4. Bonnie and ClydeFamous couple and historical outlaws
  5. Cognac and BrandyTypes of liquor
  6. Donny and MarieFamous Osmond brother-sister duo
  7. Fred and Ginger From the famous dance partners, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
  8. Hansel and Gretel A classic children’s fairy tale
  9. Jack and Diane John Cougar Mellencamp Song
  10. Jack and Jill From the nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill Went up the Hill”
  11. Jack and SallyCharacters from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
  12. Liberty and JusticeA clever play on words
  13. Lil and PhilCharacters from the cartoon the “Rugrats”
  14. Lincoln and KennedyAmerican Presidents
  15. Lucy and DesiCharacters and real-life couple from the TV show “I Love Lucy”
  16. Luke and LeiaCharacters from the “Star Wars” movies
  17. Minnie and CooperFrom the Mini Cooper cars
  18. Nemo and DoryCharacters from the kid-favorite animated movie “Finding Nemo”
  19. Oopsy and DaisyA clever play on words
  20. Sheryl and DarylA cute rhyming pair
  21. Sonny and CherLegendary music duo from the 60s
  22. Will and GraceA popular sitcom from the 90s
  23. Yanny and LaurelFrom the viral auditory illusion that became popular in 2018

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Funny Names for Boys and Girls

Black and photo photo of twin babies shot from the perspective of their feet.

These silly nicknames and endearing epithets are perfect for multiples of any kind! They’re the epitome of funny twin names!

  1. Alpha and Beta If one is dominant and the other more submissive
  2. Bed and Breakfast If one is a sleepyhead and the other is a foodie
  3. Bubble and Squeak If one is gassy and the other is prone to outbursts
  4. Chili and PepperFor twins with a fiery disposition
  5. Copy and PasteFor identical twins
  6. Dayquil and NyquilFunny names from the cold medicine duo
  7. Double and TroubleFor mischievous twins
  8. Easy and PeasyFor easy twins
  9. Eenie and Meenie A clever play on words
  10. Frick and FrackBest friend twins
  11. Helter and SkelterFor rowdy twins
  12. Lemon and SqueezyA clever play on words
  13. Miney and MoeA clever play on words
  14. Netflix and Chill – If that’s how your twins were conceived!
  15. Night and Day – For twins that are opposites
  16. Peanut Butter and JellyFor twins that get along well
  17. Rabble and BabbleFor talkative twins
  18. Razzle and DazzleFor outgoing twins
  19. Sleepy and BashfulIf one likes to nap and the other is shy
  20. Tater and TotA clever play on words
  21. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Famous duo from the Dr. Suess Book “The Cat in the Hat”
  22. Tisket and TasketFrom the classic nursery rhyme
  23. Zig and ZagA clever play on words

Where else can I find funny twin names?

You can find inspiration for funny twin names almost anywhere.

To make your name pairs extra special, consider characters from your favorite books, movies, and songs. Or, look for famous historical duos like Lewis and Clark.

If you’re not sure where to start, this list of the 500 greatest duos of all time might spark some thought.

No matter what names you choose for your twin babies, we hope you enjoyed this list of funny twin names and had a chuckle or two.

Are their any name combinations you think we should add? What perfect pair of names did you end up choosing for your twins? Let us know in the comments!

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