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12 Kids Face Masks & Coverings They’ll Actually Wear

Kids’ face masks no longer refer to just Halloween. They are about to become part of our regular routine.

We rounded up some of the best kids’ face masks available, as well as some creative alternatives if your child puts up a bit of a fight when it comes to having their face covered!

From toddler masks to half-face masks (also known as gaiters) and even winter face masks for the upcoming year ahead, we’ve scoured the internet looking for different options because we know not all kids are alike.

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mom putting kids face mask on toddler

Note: These masks are not intended to protect FROM viruses and are not medical equipment, rather, people are being asked to wear masks to avoid spreading germs. Requirements vary from place to place, so please be sure to follow all requirements for your area in regards to social distancing and face mask requirements and use.

For additional information on keeping children healthy during the COVID pandemic, please visit the CDC’s information regarding children.

Many states across the United States and lots of places around the world are now requiring that people wear face masks when they are out in public and unable to maintain recommended social distancing requirements. (And updated as of July 2020, most students will also be required to wear masks if/when they return to in person teaching).

And in most places, this includes children, sometimes as young as 2 years old as well. We all know it can be a challenge to get kids to wear shoes (or pants) sometimes, so this is definitely going to be a challenge for some families. But that is where creativity comes into play!

Awesome Kids' Face Masks & Covering Ideas

From simple and functional to brilliant and funny, we are loving these kids' face masks and other ideas for covering their cute little faces when heading out somewhere it is required.

Remember, the best protection is to adhere to social distancing and follow CDC recommendations for handwashing and hygiene. Some of these face masks for kids are obviously for fun, but sometimes it might be the only thing they are willing to put on!

Things to consider when purchasing face masks for kids and toddlers


A child’s face mask needs to fit properly in order to be effective, and to be comfortable to wear long enough for a day out in stores, public areas, and especially schools.

Adult masks are not appropriate in most cases for long term use as they are typically too large for smaller children (toddlers especially). Excess fabric becomes an annoyance, which leads to increased fidgeting and playing with masks (at least based on my experience as a mom with two little ones!)

In the same sense, they should also not be too tight-fitting, which also not be comfortable and could potentially impact breathing. Be mindful when shopping for masks now as there are often various sizes offered for toddlers, kids, and adults with various sized faces.


As weird as it is, we all probably have our own favorite picks out of our newly acquired mask collection. When shopping for children’s resuable face masks, a comfortable fit could mean the difference between refusal and general acceptance of wearing one!

For our family, we have found that the masks with pleats tend to be less preferred than softer cotton face masks that are more ergonomically shaped and follow the outline of the nose and cheekbone. The face masks from Target have actually been not only the cheapest we have found for reusable kids masks (2 masks for $4) but are hands down the winner for comfort for my daughter at least too—and I find adult size very comfortable as well.

Personal Style & Preference

The best way to help kids buy into the idea of wearing a mask is to give them a say in what style or design they get to order. Think of it as an accessory, or a statement piece. Give them the opportunity to share their favorite characters, hobbies, or personality traits in their mask selection—there are virtually limitless options out there now!

In the same way, help them figure out how to make wearing a mask for long periods of time—such as at school—easier by offering:

Face mask accessories for kids.
  • a lanyard to clip on to the elastic (to ensure it doesn’t fall to the floor or get lost when taking a mask break or eating), or

The more buy-in we get from our kids, the easier this transition will be! For some great ideas on how to help your child adjust to wearing a face mask, check out this article in the NY Times.

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