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Top States to Camp in the US

There is no shortage of places to go camping in the US. The beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, the lush wilderness, the mountains, the rocky formations, and the state and national parks scattered all over the US are irresistible for true outdoor enthusiasts.

While you can have a great time camping in so many places around the country, we think that the 5 states we have highlighted here offer the most amazing camping experience in the US.

And before you head out to make camp, be sure to check out these genius camping hacks to make your trip easier!

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Top States for Family Camping


What jumps out at you when you get to Montana is the untamed, uninhabited wilderness and vast land along with the beauty of the best national parks.

It’s an outdoor lovers’ heaven. 

There is no shortage of what to see here and what to do. There are breathtaking sceneries everywhere you look and the trails inside the parks in Montana beg you to go on an exploration trip. 

You can go bird-watching, hunting in the vast wilderness, rafting in the rapid rivers inside the state, or rock climbing.

You even get a chance to enjoy the numerous hot springs found in the state. The Yellowstone hot spring is a popular one.

There are a number of public parks here but the most popular in the summer include the Glacier national park, the Yellowstone national park, the Absaroka park, and the 51 state park. 


If you are looking for an adventure in the mountain, Colorado is the place to be. The clean, slow breeze is enticing and invigorating, welcoming you into the wilderness.

You get to enjoy an amazing array of wildflowers and plants. Hiking adventures, walking trails, and backpacking are the most popular summer activities here. 

Head over to the Two rivers lake in Rocky mountain and experience the wonders of crystal clear, blue water.

The parks to explore in this state include Mesa Verde, The great sand dunes, the Gunnison, and the Rocky Mountains.


This state has the best of both worlds. You can find modern sophistication existing with ease alongside breathtaking natural landscapes and phenomena.

The highlight of the state is the Yosemite National park. This is a vast, isolated, and popular camping destination that never disappoints. 

Cars are allowed only up to a certain point in the park. Rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, and stargazing are some of the activities many campers can engage in here.

There are many scattered campgrounds inside the park where you can stay to enjoy uninterrupted interaction with nature. 


Arizona state presents campers with a wide range of options. From beautiful lakes to deep canyons, you get to immerse yourself into what nature has to offer uninhibited.

At Lake Havasu, you can enjoy stunning blue waters, do some fishing or engage in water sports. 

If you’re looking for a tropical Hawaiian kind of feeling, you can head to Sedona or Flagstaff for that. These are popular places, especially in the summer.

The Grand Canyon is viewed as one of the wonders of the earth. You get to engage in all kinds of outdoor activities you’ve always dreamt of here. The state is good for both RV and tent campers.

Florida state

Florida is considered to be the state where the sun always shines. It’s a camper’s heaven. Here, you will find everything from trailer parks, RV parks to state park campgrounds.

With classic museums, theme parks, state parks, wonderful beaches, and ever-exciting dining and shopping experiences, this is a very popular state to visit during the summer. 

Visit the Everglades city or the Amelia beach for the beach camping experience. There are campgrounds close to the beach and you can engage in water sports, canoeing, fishing, or kayaking here.

Walt Disney World and Universal theme parks are in this state, making it a uniquely interesting one to consider visiting for camping with your kids.

Whichever state you choose, you are sure to have a memorable time with the entire family. Be sure to check out our other posts to help prepare for your trip, including this fun road trip scavenger hunt for kids to keep them entertained on the way there!

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