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10 Must Haves for Organizing Toys

If you have kids at home, you probably deal with toy clutter on a daily basis. But keeping your kids’ toys organized doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out these 11 ideas for storing and organizing kids’ toys to get all those toys cleaned up and out of the way.

With a few simple supplies, you can finally get all that toy clutter under control.

Organize Stuffed Animals with a Bean Bag

If your little one loves stuffed animals, you know how difficult it can be to store those furry toys that get dusty out in the open. We have this stuffed animal bean bag and we love it! It is much better (and safer) than a hard plastic bin for stuffed animals.

We love that it gives our son a place to sit, it’s cute, and it keeps those stuffed animals out of sight and not dusty.

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Kid-Friendly Storage Bins for Toys

Make cleaning up their toys a little more fun by adding some kid-friendly storage bins to their room. The fun dinosaur print on these bins make them a fun way to hide away your child’s toys.

We love that these are soft-walled and not a danger to kids who bump into them as they run around playing.

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Basket for Storing Bath Toys

Keeping all your kid’s bath toys organized can be difficult because you don’t want to put them away while they are wet, but then forget about them… right? This bath toy storage basket is great because our son puts his bath toys in there before we get him out, and then they’re out of the way for when it’s time for us adults to shower. They dry nicely while in this basket so they don’t get moldy.

Storage Basket with Play Mat

Keep the toy mess contained with a storage basket with attached play mat. This handy storage solution makes clean-up a breeze! Let your child play on the play mat, then simply dump all the toys directly into the storage container when they’re finished. 

AMAZING for legos! Trust me!

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Toy Storage Shelf + Bookcase

Make sure your kids know exactly where to put their toys when they’re finished playing by setting up a designated toy storage area in your home.

This toy storage bookcase/shelf features two large storage bins and two shelves, making it a great choice for storing away all those toys when they’re not in use. I love that it is a neutral color and not an eyesore!

Fabric Baskets to Reduce Toy Clutter

We have these oversized fabric baskets ALL OVER OUR HOUSE and they are great for keeping toys out of sight in the living room, den, or the kids bedroom. They’re soft and safe for kids – no sharp corners here!

And they are washable, which is great!

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A Classic Toy Box

Another simple way to keep your kid’s toys contained in one central area is with a toy box. This sturdy wood toy box will definitely last longer than the soft one above, making it a great choice for organizing all your kid’s toys.

As a bonus, it can be used as a sitting bench for kids if you add a foam cushion and upholster it.

Clear Storage Bags for Arts Supplies

From little building blocks to small art supplies, these clear storage bags are great to round up all those small pieces in one place. The clear bags make it easy to see what’s inside while also containing all those little pieces. We use these for makeup AND toys around our house!

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Rolling Cart for Toy Organization

Make it easy for your kids to access and move their toys to any room by storing them in a rolling cart.

Under Bed Storage for Toys

Use the space under your child’s bed (or under your bed, or the sofa) to store toys with this handy under bed storage. The wheels on bottom make it easy to pull out and push in, making it a great choice for storing toys in your kid’s room.

Make sure to check the size of this bin against the space under the bed to be sure it fits!

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Decorative Storage Bins

Hide toys in plain sight in your living areas with the help of decorative storage boxes that are easy on the eyes. Great for storing and organizing small toys, small puzzle boxes, markers, and games with lots of pieces.

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