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60+ Great Gifts for Dads (Store-Bought and DIY!)

Check out this ultimate list of the best gifts for dads for any occasion!

Find fun affordable gifts and DIY gift ideas from kids and adults. These gifts span every style and interest so there’s something for everyone on this list.

From Father’s Day to dad’s birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, this post has you covered!

Our Favorite Gifts for Dads

For the Chef Dad

Here are some fun, practical, and tasty gifts for dads who love to cook and grill. These ideas include unique and affordable gifts to purchase online and items you can make at home.

1. Homemade BBQ Rub

Gift dad with a simple homemade BBQ rub to make is favorite grilled recipes pop with flavor!

Homemade BBQ rub in glass jars with wooden spoons attached.

2. Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board from Etsy is the perfect gift for dads who love to cook.

Personalized cutting board with cheese and grapes on top

3. DIY Chocolate Mustaches

If your dad loves chocolate, these cute DIY mustaches are a delicious edible gift that’s so easy to make. Grab yourself a mustache candy mold and get started!

4. Personalized Grilling Plate

Gift your dad a personalized grilling plate while supporting a small business owner on Etsy.

5. DIY Kid’s Handprint Grill Apron

This DIY grill apron uses a child’s handprint to create a cute painted design. Kids will have a blast making this practical yet special gift for Dad.

A child wearing a hand-painted apron with a handprint lion on it for her dad.

6. Gourmet Grilling Spice Set

Give your dad spice options galore with a gourmet set from Amazon.

7. Homemade Pulled Pork Rub

Everyone, but especially dad, will love this homemade pulled pork rub.

Homemade pulled pork seasoning in a glass jar with a wooden spoon.

8. DIY Grill Storage

Get dad organized with this easy DIY grill storage project. It will look great in any outdoor space.

A wall-mounted organizer for grilling tools hanging on an outside wall.

DIY Dad Gifts

These gifts are great for dads who love to work with their hands, whether that be DIY projects, woodworking, metal-working, mechanics, or beyond!

1. DIY Tool Roll

This handmade tool roll will keep dad’s tool set organized in style.

2. Personalized Measuring Tape

Dad will love this personalized measuring tape from Etsy that’s engraved with the sweet phrase “No One Measures Up to You, Dad”.

3. Personalized Screwdrivers

Or, you can snag these personalized wood-handled screwdrivers with cute quotes and sayings.

4. DIY Nuts and Bolts Picture Frame

Enlist your kids to make this precious nuts and bolts decorated picture frame for your favorite fix-it man.

A picture frame with nuts and bolds on it and a sign that says "Love U Dad".

5. Modular Wall Mount Tool Organizer

This practical modular wall mount tool organizer from Amazon will make finding the right tool a breeze. And it will keep the garage clutter-free!

6. Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

An extendable magnetic flashlight is perfect for dads who like to work on cars and mechanics projects.

7. Bucket Tool Organizer

This Amazon bucket tool organizer is great for DIY and construction projects around the house or on a job site.

Outdoorsy Dads

Outdoorsy dads who love to hunt, fish, camp, and adventure will enjoy these practical and thoughtful gifts.

1. DIY Fish Print Shirt

A handmade fish print shirt for a Father's Day gift.

Here’s another fun DIY gift from kids. This handmade fish print shirt is great for outdoorsy dads who love to go fishing.

2. Handmade Damascus Pocket Knife

This handmade pocket knife from Etsy is a stylish and practical gift for dads who like to camp, hunt, or fish.

3. Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

These outdoor Bluetooth speakers from Amazon will make outdoor adventures with dad way more fun!

4. DIY Hand-Stamped Fishing Lure

Make this simple DIY hand-stamped fishing lure to put a smile on your dad’s face!

An engraved fishing lure for a dad gift.

5. Laser Range Finder

This laser range finder is a great tool for hunters, but you can also use it for golfing.

6. Survival Gear Kit

This survival gear kit from Amazon has everything your outdoorsy guy needs for his next excursion.

For the Professional

Here are some inspirational and practical gifts for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and dads who work in an office.

1. Framed Homemade Desk or Wall Art

Give Dad’s office some charm with this framed desk or wall art that will remind him of his loved ones while he works.

A framed piece of wood with wooden beads that spell "DAD".

2. Luxury Pen

This luxury pen from Amazon will make your dad feel like a true executive.

3. DIY Lego Pencil Holder

Little hands will love making this DIY Lego pencil holder. It’s surprisingly sophisticated and practical for a man’s desk.

A pencil holder made out of back and white Legos on a shelf.

4. Perpetual Calendar for Dad’s Desk

This is a neat calendar to have on dad’s desk that does not require a new one every calendar year.

5. Great Quotes from Great Leaders Boxed Calendar

Or, snag this boxed calendar with daily quotes from revered leaders through time.

6. Leather Business Card Case

This leather business card case is the perfect way for dad to keep his business cards organized and protected. He’ll always have them on him to help promote his business!

Sports Fans and Fitness Fanatics

Active dads and dads who enjoy sports will appreciate these gifts that are perfect for athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and fans.

1. Personalized Golf Tee Holder

Help dad with his golf game by gifting him a personalized tee holder from Etsy.

2. Massage Gun

This massage gun will help dads recover from a rigorous workout or game with the guys. This is one of my husband’s FAVORITE gifts he’s received.

3. Ultimate Gym Bag

This ultimate gym bag has 10 useful compartments and a water-resistant pouch, making it the perfect gift for men who frequent the gym. Keep dirty sneakers and used clothes separate from the clean clothes.

4. Portable Cooling Towels

These portable cooling towels can help dad cool off after a game or workout, or keep him cool in the stands while watching his favorite team.

5. Stadium Seat

Dads will appreciate a comfier seat in the stands to cheer on his sports teams or kid’s games.

6. Day Pass to a Local Climbing Gym

Plan a day out to try a new physical activity with dad!

Beer, Wine and Spirits Lovers

Here are some unique and special gifts for dads who enjoy alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

1. Custom Engraved Whisky Glass

This custom engraved whisky glass is a classy gift for whiskey lovers. Personalize it with his name or initials in your favorite font.

2. Cocktail Smoker Kit

Help dad enhance his cocktail-making skills with this fancy smoker kit from Amazon, complete with whiskey stones and tongs.

3. Freezable Pint Glass Set

This freezable pint glass set will keep your dad’s libations perfectly chilled for parties and gatherings.

4. Beer Holster

This camo beer holster will keep the beverages flowing at the next BBQ, camping trip, or party.

5. Stainless Steel Bartender Kit

This stainless steel bartender kit is the perfect gift for Dads who like to man the bar and mix up drinks for a crowd.

For the Intellectual

These are some of the best gifts for the intellectual dad to keep his brain stimulated and spark engaging conversations.

1. DIY Map Coasters

Try your hand at these DIY map coasters! They’re a great gift for well-traveled and intellectual dads who like to sip on a drink while chatting about the world with friends and family.

Several coasters made out of a cut-up map on a white background.

2. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Keep Dad’s interest piqued with this book of unusual knowledge from Amazon. He’ll discover new information across various genres, including history, the arts, pop culture, and the supernatural.

3. Expert Advice Mug

This funny and practical mug is perfect for Dad’s who like their own expert advice!

5. The Ultimate Activity Book for Intelligent Men

Here’s a great way for intellectual dads to exercise their brains. This activity book from Amazon has stimulating puzzles, brain teasers, and mind games he’s sure to enjoy.

6. “I’m Thinking” Graphic T-Shirt

This cute graphic t-shirt is perfect for the analyzing dad who’s always thinking and intellectualizing.

For the Chic Geek, Nerdy Dad and Gamer

These gifts are perfect for dads whom we affectionately classify as geeks, nerds, and gamers to help them celebrate their interests.

1. Personalized Super Hero Framed Lego Set

This Etsy-made super hero framed Lego set is sure to make any comic book-loving dad smile!

2. Personalized Pokémon Card

Gift your dad with a personalized Pokémon card. This custom fan art will be perfect for his collection!

3. DIY “Yoda Best” Handprint Card

Father's day handprint cards with a hand print Yoda painting and the words "Yoda Best Dad Ever".

Star Wars lovers will enjoy this homemade Yoda handprint card. It’s the perfect Father’s Day craft for toddlers and kids.

4. Personalized Star Wars “I am their father” Sign

Or, snag this personalized Star Wars sign with colored light sabers and names for each of his children.

5. Personalized Controller Stand

This personalized controller stand is a practical and unique gift that gaming dads can put to great use.

7. DIY Super Hero Father’s Day Wheel

A superhero paper craft with red, black and yellow paint colors for a Father's Day gift.

Get your kids involved to create this simple and fun superhero Father’s Day wheel to help you express just how awesome he is.

6. Lightsaber Chopsticks

These lightsaber chopsticks are a cool and unique gift that will help Dad enjoy his favorite foods, Geek-style!

Sentimental Dads

Here are some sweet and sentimental Gifts for dads that are sure to pull at their heartstrings.

1. DIY All About Dad Worksheet and Coupons

Printables for a Father's Day worksheet and coupons.

Highlight and celebrate Dad with this free printable worksheet, then shower him with love and service with customizable coupons.

2. Photo Key Holder

This photo key holder is the perfect sentimental gift for Dads to always have on hand when they’re away.

3. Personalized Book Featuring Father and Child

Gift Dad with a personalized book featuring him and his children for a sweet and special keepsake he’ll treasure.

4. DIY “I Love Dad” Father’s Day Picture Frames

Three picture frames with a child in each frame hold a sign to spell "I Love Dad".

Here’s a simple DIY project kids can help make for a meaningful Father’s Day gift he’ll love.

5. “Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story” Book

Help Dad share his life, history, and experiences with this affordable book from Etsy.

For The Fashion, Style and Grooming Enthusiast

Here are some store-bought and homemade gifts to keep your dad stylish and looking his best.

1. DIY Essential Oil Cologne

A man holds a bottle of cologne away from his body.

Make sure your dad is always smelling his best with this homemade essential oil cologne. This simple recipe is the perfect scent for any man.

2. Personalized Men’s Bracelet

Keep Dad stylish with this personalized men’s bracelet from Etsy, featuring leather jewelry with silver beads.

3. Custom Photo Shirt

Or, snag this custom photo shirt! The simple design is unique and perfect for any dad!

4. Handmade Peppermint Beard Oil

If the special man in your life has facial hair, this homemade peppermint beard oil is the perfect practical DIY gift.

A small bottle of peppermint beard oil on a wood table behind foliage.

5. Wood Hat Box Hat Holder

Hat lovers will enjoy this affordable wood hat box from Etsy. It’s the perfect way to help them organize their favorite baseball caps.

6. Personalized Men’s Leather Toiletry Bag

This personalized leather toiletry bag will help your dad travel in style.

7. DIY Beard Oil

Here’s another DIY beard oil that will help condition your dads beard to perfection.

A man with a long beard and sunglasses in front of a gray background.

8. Custom Engraved Watch Box

This custom-engraved watch box is a stylish way to organize all of your dad’s favorite timepieces.

For the Tech Enthusiast

Below, you’ll find the coolest gifts for dads who love tech.

1. Tech Docking Station

This personalized wood docking station is a great way to keep tech products like phones, watches, and earbuds organized in style.

2. Desk Phone Holder

My husband loves his desk phone holder that’s perfect for hands-free calls, conferences, and watching videos.

3. Virtual Reality Headset

A virtual reality headset is so fun for dad! My husband loves his, and it’s fun for the whole family if you have older kids.

4. Electronics Travel Case Organizer

Help your dad stay organized with this electronic travel case so none of his gear gets lost or damaged on his next trip.

Gift Boxes

Here are some super cool gift baskets for dads that you can make or buy that cater to their interests and cravings.

1. DIY Gift Basket Ideas

A gift basket for mean with snacks and treats.

2. Ammo Box Gift Set

This ammo box gift set from Etsy is a cool way to present your dad with his favorite treats.

3. Beef Jerky Gift Box

If your dad is a jerky-lover, this beef jerky gift box is sure to put a smile on his face.

4. Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee enthusiasts will love this gourmet gift basket from Amazon.

5. Camping Gift Set

This camping gift set is an outdoorsman’s dream! Equip your dad with everything he needs to enjoy his next outdoor adventure!

More Fun Ideas From Kids

Here are some other fun ideas and crafts for kids to make and gift their dads and granddads.

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