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33 Easy Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Kids can be picky eaters, so finding some delicious toddler breakfast ideas is a must!

Sometimes, feeding picky eaters and getting them to try new things can be a bit tricky. That is when it is time to get a little creative with the food!

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Long commutes, early wake times and needing to pack breakfast for daycare can add even more layers to an already stressful morning.

These fun toddler breakfast ideas are not only kid-favorites, but we also included a few extra lists below of quick meal ideas and breakfast items that are easy to take in the car or send to school.

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Easy Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Go beyond just plain cereal with these fun, and simple breakfast ideas for toddlers and big kids alike!

Many of these would also make great snacks for toddlers too, like the muffins. If you want more yummy muffin recipes, check out this massive post of over 60 muffin recipes for the entire family!

Quick breakfast ideas for 2-3 year olds (that can be prepared ahead of time)

Mornings are rough, and getting kids up, dressed, and out the door (or just making it through the morning at home) can be tough.

The food below make great options for toddler breakfasts because they can be made ahead of time and just placed in the microwave for a quick reheat or served as is. Just add a side of fruit and you have a quick and easy meal!

  • Egg Muffin Cups
  • Premade & frozen pancakes or waffles (try offering without syrup for less mess)
  • Overnight Oats or instant oatmeal (pop into the freezer for a quick cool down)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Cinnamon raisin bread with nutella
  • Bagel with Cream cheese
  • Toast and Peanut Butter
  • Breakfast burritos (make ahead and freeze)
  • Croissants (we love buying the mini ones from the bakery at the grocery store or can make at home with just the canned dough)
  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Hashbrowns or tatertots

Note: It helps to figure out your morning routine based on what works for you. If your kids are messy eaters, then save getting dressed for after. If they are not but tend to take forever to finish eating, get them dressed first and serve something that can easily be taken with them in the car!

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Simple Breakfast Meals for Toddlers on the Go

Whether an early departure time, a long commute, or the need to pack a breakfast for a toddler at daycare, convenience is a whole other factor to consider when planning meals for toddlers.

Here are some tried and true favorites from both the Mom Friend team and fellow readers:

  • Frozen waffles (just pop them in the toaster, all options (GF, organic, etc available to those who want or need it)
  • Frozen cinnamon toast sticks
  • Toast (with just a little butter)
  • Mini Bagels
  • Yogurt pouch
  • Dry cereal in a snack cup
  • a banana or other fruit that is easy to eat
  • Pack of mini muffins (store bought)
  • Granola bars
  • Smoothies (for drinking while getting ready)

Mom Tip: Leave the milk or other drinks at home and just offer water in the car. It will inevitably spill and water is much easier to deal with.

With breakfast and lunch covered, all that’s left is dinner for the family with some easy weeknight meals!

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