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Essential Questions To Ask At Your First Prenatal Appointment

First time mom? Here are 20+ essential questions to ask at your first prenatal appointment to ensure a smooth and healthy pregnancy journey!

As soon as you found out you were pregnant, I’m sure your mind filled up with a million questions. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful resources out there for new mothers and the best place to start is with your OB. Your first prenatal appointment is a great time to get many of those questions figured out.

That first visit can be nerve wracking but also SO exciting. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a priceless and unforgettable experience. You’ll also find out your due date and that initial set in that you are actually pregnant will wash over you.

Get in the habit of keeping a pen and paper nearby to write down any questions as they come up, or type them into your phone. Because let me tell you, pregnancy brain is a real thing. These notes are also handy for all those questions that come up between visits.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you feel you need. Your doctors are there for YOU and it’s their job to provide you with all the information available.

So, keep scrolling for 20+ essential questions to ask at your 1st prenatal appointment to get you started!

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20+ Questions To Ask At Your First Prenatal Appointment

Pregnant woman lies on the bed in a doctor’s office while receiving a pregnancy ultrasound.

Each of the questions below will help you be prepared from the very beginning of your pregnancy. They will also help you facilitate a smooth and healthy pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy Restrictions

  1. What restrictions are there for sex throughout my pregnancy?
  2. Are there any restrictions I need to know about traveling while pregnant?
  3. Should I make changes to my beauty routine?
  4. What beauty treatments are acceptable during pregnancy. Can I… Dye my hair? Get a massage? Paint my nails? Go to the spa? Use sunless tanner?
  5. Should I be doing any particular kind of exercise? What kind of exercise and amount is safe throughout my pregnancy?
  6. Any restrictions on certain activities? Horseback riding, bicycling, amusement rides, rock climbing, are just to name a few. (These will change with your lifestyle).

Pregnancy Health

  1. Does my work environment present any risks to my pregnancy?
  2. Which prenatal vitamin do you recommend?
  3. Are the prescription medications I’m currently taking safe for pregnancy? What about if I choose to breastfeed? If not, what can I take or do instead?
  4. What over-the-counter medications are safe, and in what amount? Are there any I should avoid?
  5. Are there are other supplements I should be taking while pregnant?
  6. How much weight should I gain, and at what rate?
  7. What kind of diet should I follow? What should I eat and drink a lot of, and what should I avoid?
  8. Can I drink coffee or tea?
  9. Does my health history point toward an increased risk for certain conditions or complications?
  10. What prenatal screenings will I need? (This might vary depending on your age, pregnancy history, and your and your partner’s ethnicity)
  11. What vaccinations should I get and when?

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Symptom Relief

Pregnant woman types essential questions to ask at your 1st prenatal appointment into her phone.
  1. What’s the best way to combat morning sickness?
  2. What symptoms should I expect, and how can I manage them? What’s normal, and what should I call you about?
  3. What should I do if I don’t feel well? Have cramping? Spotting? Run a fever?

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Labor and Delivery Questions

  1. What is your position on… Inductions? Scheduled c-sections? Epidurals and other pain medications? Episiotomies? Vacuum and forceps usage? IVs and EFMs? Delayed cord clamping?

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Appointments and Scheduling

  1. When is a good time to call you with questions? Who should I call if you aren’t available? Can I email you if I have questions? If you are out of town or unavailable, who will be my primary caregiver?
  2. When will the first ultrasound be scheduled? Will I get to listen to my baby’s heartbeat every appointment?

Helpful Resources

  1. Which prenatal classes do you recommend?
  2. What support can I get if I want to breastfeed?

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Pregnant woman cradles baby bump in front of a window shining with soft white light.

Final Thoughts

Congrats again mama! A first pregnancy (or any pregnancy) is such amazing news! Your life is about to get a whole lot more exciting! If you have any questions that you thought were essential to ask your OB that I missed, I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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