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First Trimester Essentials

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Oh, First Trimester.

That wonderful time where the excitement is barely containable (but often has to be if not revealing your news to the public yet), bring such happiness, and also, such miserable conditions.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Sometimes the first trimester sucks. It sucks hard. Yes it is an amazing time and experience, but apart from sharing your news and dreaming of life with a new baby, it brings a whole host of new symptoms and sickness.

Oh, the sickness.

Some moms-to-be are lucky to escape relatively unscathed. Others find the words “morning sickness” funny because to them, it last all day long.

For me, it was definitely the latter, in both of my first and my current pregnancies. Nausea and vomiting, discomfort all day long. It really is hard to be cheerful sometime when you feel exhausted and gross all the time!

While I don’t have a magic bullet to cure that (if you do, send it my way), but these are my go-to items and first trimester essentials that make life a little easier and more comfortable as your body (and you) adjust to being a mom-to-be.

Must Haves for pregnancy and first trimester essentials. #pregnancy #firsttrimester

This post contains affiliate links.


First Trimester Essentials

Maternity Leggings

Must. Have. End of story. The answer to the “are my pants getting tight?” plus every other wardrobe woe there is while pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins

Babymaking is a lot of work on the body, and babies require way more nutrients than you might expect. Prenatal Vitamins are an important part of providing them with what they need (and you need) throughout your pregnancy. There are many different kinds to choose from, so talk to your doctor to find the right ones for you!


Maternity Pillow

Sleep can be affected from the very beginning, and as that bump begins to grow, it becomes weirdly uncomfortable too! Seriously, were you prepared for the way gravity feels laying on your side when you have even a tiny bump? Maternity Pillows are great for propping up bellies, legs, and providing back support.

Other First Trimester Essentials

Large Water Bottle | Chewy Ginger Candies (for nausea) | Saltines (or easy to digest food) | Antacids (for heartburn or discomfort after eating) | Soft Sleep Bras | Under the Bump Underwear (for when regular starts to annoy you!)
What were/are your essentials for the first trimester?

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