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15 Halloween STEM Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Halloween is a great time to do some educational activities with your kids! Here are my favorite 15 Halloween STEM Activities to make learning fun and spooky with your kids.

This list has activities for kids of all ages—from simple numbers learning games for preschoolers to more complex Halloween activities for middle schoolers and high school kids…. and even an at-home Halloween-themed escape room you can set up for your kids!

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15 Halloween STEM Activities

Jack-O-Lantern Volcano

And of course we can't forget the classic Jack-O-Lantern volcano! Once Halloween is over, add some baking powder inside the Jack-O-Lantern. Mix orange food coloring with vinegar, pour the vinegar inside, and watch the lava come out! Just make sure to put the whole thing on a large plate or in a bowl to catch the mess.

More Fall activities

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