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15 Fun Things To Do in Bayonne, NJ

Bayonne is often passed over on the way to NYC or Jersey City, but it is a great town with lots of things to do! Check out these fun things to do in Bayonne, including kids’ activities as well as fun for the whole family.

Whether you’re planning on spending a day in Bayonne before catching a cruise from Cape Liberty Cruise Port, looking for things to do while visiting family, or want to explore new cities in NJ, this list of activities in Bayonne will have something for everyone!

Be sure to check out my custom-made Google map of Bayonne where I dropped a pin for most of the places to go in Bayonne. You’ll find the map at the bottom of the article.

Free Things To Do in Bayonne

Walk or Bike the Bayonne Bridge

The Bayonne Bridge, which connects Bayonne and Staten Island, has a really great walking and biking path. The views from the top are great—you’ll see the Freedom tower in NYC. You can walk leisurely or get some exercise if you decide to jog or powerwalk up the incline.

There is plenty of street parking in the neighborhood by the bridge, the area is very safe, and you can access the bridge walkway on Kennedy Blvd. between W. 6th and W. 7th street.

The walk from the start to the top of the bridge will take about 20-25 minutes, so plan on a minimum of 1-2 hours for this adventure, depending on whether you want to walk all the way to Staten Island and your pace.

Collage of 2 pictures of the top of Bayonne Bridge walk

Check Out An Annual Festival in Bayonne

Bayonne has several festivals all throughout the year! Check out the website for each event to find out the dates for this year, and be sure to visit Bayonne during one of these festivals!

Bayonne Arts Festival

This festival is typically held in September or October, and it has live performances going on all day (professional and local musicians, dance performances from local dance schools and ethnic dance groups, magic shows, etc), as well as a free kids crafts corner. Browse the art and handicraft vendors, try some new foods from the food trucks, and enjoy your day! Check the website to find out the date and location of the festival this year.

Bergen Point Fall Festival

Bergen Point is a charming neighborhood in the very south part of Bayonne, and they have a Fall-themed festival every year with lots of activities for kids and adults. Search on Facebook for the event info.

Bayonne Hometown Fair

Every year in June, several blocks on Broadway are closed to car traffic for the Bayonne Hometown Fair. Tons of vendors and activities are set up—there are bouncy castles and other fun FREE inflatable games for kids, as well as free performances, local restaurants that sell street food, and other vendors and activities. This even is organized by a nonprofit and run by local volunteers, so be sure to support it simply by showing up! Check out the website for the latest festival info.

Bayonne Food Truck Festival

This one is free to attend with free live band music, but obviously the foods from trucks are all for purchase. This is our version of the Smorgasbord, with soo many different types of food vendors gathering in one place. There is also a beer and wine area. See the website for the latest event info.

See The Tear Drop Memorial

This 9/11 memorial is located right past the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. It was gifted by the Russian government, and is a nice little park to take in some peaceful moments overlooking the bay between NJ and NYC.

You’ll probably spend about 15 minutes here, unless you want to relax and pay your respect for a longer time.

Teardrop memorial in Bayonne, NJ

See Nature in Bayonne

Bayonne, NJ might not be the prettiest city architecturally (just check out the many “Bayonne Box” houses, which are essentially a box with windows), but it surprisingly has several great spots to see nature and go bird watching.

Rutkowski Park Walkway and Butterfly Garden

Attached to the Stephens R. Gregg Park is Rutkowski park, which is a nature park with a boardwalk and a paved path. From the boardwalk, you’ll be able to look out onto Newark Bay. Depending on the time of year, time of day, and the tide level, you might see great blue herons, night herons, egrets, lots of ducks, crabs, tiny fish, and several types of small birds. Make sure to walk all the way to the end of the path and go around to see the butterfly garden. On the way back, take the paved path called the Hackensack River Walk to see local wildflowers and the area with the birdfeeders. On this path, I’ve seen groundhogs, small snakes (rare, don’t worry!!), praying mantises, and other small critters.

If you’re driving, park in any of the parking lots in the lower level of the Stephens R. Gregg Park.

Fall foliage in Stephens R Gregg Park in Bayonne, NJ

Hudson River Walkway

Another great hidden gem in Bayonne is the walkway behind the golf course and behind the shopping center that has TJMaxx and the hibachi restaurant. Simply park in the parking lot of the shopping center and walk the path along the water. You’ll be sure to see birds. There are even some bald eagles that have made a nest in the area!!

Great blue hero in a pond in a park in Bayonne, NJ

Best Playgrounds in Bayonne, NJ

Bayonne has so many playgrounds, but the two best ones are undeniably the playground in Hudson County Park aka Stephens R. Gregg Park, and the playgrounds at the 1st street park.

Stephens Gregg Park / Hudson County Park Playground

The Stephens Gregg Park playground is in the park right off Kennedy Blvd. and W 44th St. It has bathrooms right in playground area, as well as shaded spots for picnics. There are playground structures for toddlers as well as older kids. It also has a great splash pad that is typically open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are a few accessible parking spots right by the playground inside the park for those with a permit, otherwise there is a parking lot on the lower level of the park or plenty of street parking in the area around the park.

1st Street Uncle Milty’s Playground and Park

The 1st street playground, called Uncle Milty’s Playground, is newly renovated and has a really cool amusement park theme play structure for smaller kids, and an awesome really tall structure with LOTS of nooks and crannies to explore for older kids. Nearby are basketball courts, an outdoor gym area, and an outdoor roller skating and hockey rink. There is also a really nice walking / biking bath that goes all along the water to another smaller pirate ship-themed playground and to the skate park. It’s a great place to take kids out on a bike or scooter. Be sure to stop by the great dog park to see lots of doggos having a great time. The bathrooms are not super close to either playground, so plan around that. There is usually street parking within a couple of blocks of the playgrounds, and there is a small parking lot by the smaller playground and the skate park.

City Hall Playground / Fitzpatrick Park

Another great newly renovated playground with a splash pad is the City Hall playground or Fitzpatrick Park, located on Ave. C and between W. 26 and W. 27 street. Be sure to stop and get a coffee at Cafe 26 on the corner of Ave C. and 26th! Street parking can be tricky around this area, and many spots are metered (the parking meters take credits cards or quarters).

Splash Pads in Bayonne

There are so many splash pads in the playgrounds in Bayonne! As mentioned above, the Hudson County Park playground has a splash pad and so does Fitzpatrick park. Other splash pads are located at the playgrounds in the Edward Clark Park (Ave. C and W. 8th St) and in the Terry Collins Park (between E. 5 St and Isabella Ave).

Go Sledding in Bayonne

Stephens R. Gregg Park has a GREAT hill that is very popular for sledding when it snows. So if you’re “stranded” in Bayonne on a good snow day, grab a sled (or the lid from your trash can) and walk over to the park! Such a fun time for kids. Just be careful, you’re sledding at your own risk.

Snowy hill in a park

Shopping in Bayonne

Here are a few favorite spots to look for gifts and go shopping. These shops and vendors are part of what makes Bayonne so special, and we love supporting local small businesses. Visit these stores in person if you get a chance. But if you’re short on time, be sure to shop online using the links below.

BayOwn Vendor Market

This shop has lots of handmade gifts such as home décor, jewelry, skin care, candles, ornaments, clothes, and lots of other items all made by local vendors! It also often hosts events such as fundraisers, paint nights, cupcake decorating classes by local bakers, and more. Be sure to check out to check out their website or Instagram to see what vendors they currently have on display and for the events schedule.

920 Broadway, between 43rd and 44th streets.

Childish Glow by Quiona

This shop has skin care and wellness products made by Quiona and other local makers. Quiona also hosts events such as ladies night paint class, tea workshops, and more. The store is decorated beautifully and puts you in a peaceful mood the second you step in. Check out the website and Instagram for all the latest events and products available at the shop.

1044 Broadway, between 52nd and 53rd streets.

Little BOHO Bookshop

This bookshop is small in size but SO charming and has such a great selection of kids and adults books. Sandra, the owner, is such a sweet woman and she often has events in her store, such as book readings with crafts, elementary school field trips, and more. You can shop in person or on the website. The website also has a great selection of used books at good prices.

This bookstore is right next door to a great café called Bake n Brew, and there are tables set up outside on nice days. A little reading, a great coffee, and a tasty pastry or sandwich?? Yes please!!

164a Broadway, between E. 5th St and Dodge St.

Hi Goose Vintage

Hi Goose Vintage is a great little vintage clothes shop that curates (yes, curates) special pieces. It’s not just any old second-hand thrift shop with dusty clothes with questionable quality. This store has really nice articles of clothing, such as dresses and suits, that are a great investment in your wardrobe. You have to book an appointment to shop there, but the owner, Amber, will prepare items in your size and style before you arrive, so you will have a streamlined, personalized private shopping session. They also sometimes host workshops, such as clothes mending. Check out the website and get in touch to check out the shop!

Bayonne Farmer’s Market

The Bayonne Farmer’s Market is organized by local food blogger Meals, Heels, and Cocktails, and every year has lots of local artisan food vendors as well as fresh farm produce. Stop by any Tuesday afternoon between June and October and you’ll leave with a belly full of warm empanadas, fresh-popped kettle corn, delicious pastries, or whatever is available that week! Bring a bag and shop local. Follow the Facebook page or Instagram account for opening dates and hours.

Places To Eat in Bayonne

Bayonne has a ton of great restaurants. Just search on Google maps for whatever cuisine you like, and you’ll probably find it in Bayonne.

Some casual, budget friendly favorites are: Teddy’s Place (best gyros and Greek food!), Wasabi Thai (sushi, Thai, Chinese), and Pizza Masters (pizza and Italian). Grab some gelato at Drip, or pickup some desserts to go at Double Batch Bakery.

Map Of Things To Do in Bayonne

Be sure to SAVE this list next time you’re in Bayonne, or if you’re looking for fun day trip ideas in the Jersey City area!

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