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Fall Camping Tips For Families

Fall is considered one of the best times to go camping, the weather is a perfect temperature and not too hot or cold, nature is changing, and there’s so much to see and do.

If you want to go camping this fall with your family, there are some important things to keep in mind. Here are some important fall camping tips for families to keep in mind for your fall camping trip.

And be sure to check out these family camping hacks to make it the best trip ever!

Fall Camping Tips for Families

Family poses in tent using the best Fall camping tips for families.

Plan Carefully 

 Before camping, you’ll want to plan carefully and properly to make sure that the day or days you pick have good weather or that you can be prepared for any rain that is expected.

Choose a place that works best for what you want to do while camping (maybe near water to fish, make sure you can start a fire without being in danger of lighting other things on fire, etc.), and more.

National Parks are great options for families and tend to offer a little bit of everything.

You also want to spend time before going to make a list of what to bring and pack well.  

Bring Layers 

 Layers are your best friend when it comes to fall camping.

Bring extra blankets just in case someone gets cold, and make sure everyone brings lighter and heavier clothing to be able to layer those clothes in a way that makes them most comfortable.

Be sure to bring clothes and things that are water-resistant or waterproof as well for when it gets rainy, and if you’re planning to do things like walk or hike everyone should bring appropriate clothing for that too.  

Important Items To Pack 

Some of the most important items to remember when you’re packing or making the list for packing include a first aid kit, a quality tent, more insulated sleeping bags, padding to put under your sleep setup, and more.

female camper and camping supplies around a campfire

Padding is important to keep the cold from the ground from making you cold while sleeping.

You also want to make sure you bring enough food for the trip if you’re planning to make your own food while there too.  


In the later months, firewood becomes more scarce to find and purchase. You’ll want to stock up some on firewood before the trip comes to make sure you have enough for the trip, especially if you want to stay for multiple days.

When the weather gets cooler in fall you’ll probably want to keep a fire going longer to keep everyone warmer, and you’ll need enough firewood to be able to do that.  

campfire and family camping under a beautiful starry sky

Make Easy Foods 

Although you won’t have to only make easy foods when you’re camping, it’s nice to plan to make some in case the weather is rough when you’re trying to cook.

Meals that can be made in one pot or have lesser ingredients and time to make can be really helpful to have the items for when it suddenly rains or you’re a bit too chilly to take forever making a meal.

It’s also nice to be able to make something quickly and just enjoy the time together.  

Be Respectful 

Fall is the time that many animals are in their own mating or hibernation routines or preparing for such, so make sure to be cautious of any wildlife you see and give them their space.

You always want to teach your kids to pick up after themselves and disturb as little of nature as you can while camping, it’s the most respectful way to go out camping.

child in hammock at campsite

The biggest rule in the outdoors is to leave things the way you found them, so clean up well and tread lightly.

These tips can be really useful for making your trip the best it can be, especially if your kids haven’t been camping often or at all before.

Family camping trips are really nice when you prepare well beforehand, and fall is a great time to try it out. A camping trip can also be a great way for families to de-stress from a busy week or have some quality bonding time that is often missed out on in busy seasons like fall.

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