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Tips & Tricks For Using The Haakaa Breast Pump

Don’t have a Haakaa yet? You’re missing out! I share the best tips & tricks for using the Haakaa breast pump and how it makes nursing easier!

If you don’t have the Haakaa as a breastfeeding mom, I highly encourage you to get one. It is one of the best baby purchases you’ll ever make! The Haakaa has become my favorite breastfeeding product by far.

It also makes for the perfect gift for any breastfeeding mom.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing product and helpful tips and tricks for using the Haakaa breast pump.

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Woman holds up empty Haakaa breast pump while standing outside in front of foliage.

What is a Haakaa Breast Pump?

The Haakaa is a silicone one piece breast pump that can serve as a milk collector as well as a manual breast pump. While nursing, attach the Haakaa to your non-nursing breast and let it catch your letdown, without any additional effort.

Why should I get a Haakaa?

The Haakaa is the easiest pump to use! Unlike other manual pumps that require you to create the suction, the Haakaa does all the work for you! Set it and forget it.

Once the Haakaa is suctioned to your breast it requires no pumping motion from you. Just sit back and watch your letdown begin to fill the Haakaa.

The Haakaa is also great for those who experience engorgement. We all know breastfeeding is a supply and demand process, so instead of pumping and telling your body to produce more milk, use the Haakaa to express milk and catch the letdown from your non nursing breast in order to relieve engorgement.

I used the Haakaa about 5 times a day collecting approximately 2 ounces each use. This resulted in 75 additional ounces a week, or almost 300 additional ounces a month!

Get the Haakaa, and you’ll be on your way to a large breast milk freezer stash instead of a bunch of soggy wet breast pads!

Several bags of frozen breast milk lined up inside a freezer shelf.

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Tips & Tricks For Using The Haakaa Breast Pump

Relieve Sore Nipples with the Haakaa Breast Pump

The first week of breastfeeding may be rough on your nipples, as they toughen up for your breastfeeding journey. In addition to using Lanolin Nipple Cream to relieve sore nipples, you fill a Haakaa with warm saline water and attach to your breast so that your nipple sits in the water. Obviously, discard any milk the Haakaa might collect during this time and wash out the saline before collecting breast milk with the Haakaa.

Breastfeeding, when done properly, shouldn’t be painful. If it is painful, the first thing you should do is check the latch. The lips should be flanged, the nose resting on the upper breast, and the chin pressed against the underside of the breast.

If you believe the latch to be okay, meet with a lactation specialist for further consultation.

I also recommend this Exclusive Pumping Class and this Pump it Up online class from Milkology to all new moms.

Lactation consultant holds up a breast model made out of cloth cushion.

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Clearing A Clogged Milk Duct

If you’ve ever experienced a clogged milk duct, you know that you never want one again. It’s a very painful experience that can last quite a while without the proper resources for relief.

If you do end up in that unfortunate situation, you can use the Haakaa to help clear the duct. Fill the Haakaa with warm water and a tablespoon of Epsom Salt and attach it to the affected breast. Since Epsom Salt is an anti inflammatory it can help relieve the clogged milk duct.

Again, make sure to rinse the Haakaa well before using it to pump.

No Electricity Needed to Pump

I adore the Haakaa for this specific reason! It’s so nice not having to lug around an electric breast pump with several different parts! And better yet, you’re free from washing those several different parts!

You can also discreetly pump from absolutely anywhere! With no wheezing noise coming out of your pump or having to sit next to an outlet, you can be totally free. Pump at work, in the car, at weddings, ball games, etc. Just toss a blanket over yourself and no one will even know!

You can also use the Haakaa and a manual pump at the same time for a no-electricity-needed double breast pump!

Use A Hands Free Pumping Bra

If you’re having trouble keeping the Haakaa in place (i.e. your little one kicks the pump off your breast), try using a hands free pumping bra. The bra will keep the Haakaa secure, so there’s no more spilled milk!

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Woman holds up Haakaa breast pump filled with milk in outdoor setting.

Final Thoughts on Using the Haakaa Breast Pump

I love my Haakaa, and I hope I’ve inspired you to try one for yourself. It’s truly so helpful for breastfeeding moms. If the Haakaa sounds like a good fit for you and your breastfeeding journey, you can get one here!

And for those of you that already have and love the Haakaa, I hope you were able to learn a few new tricks for using the Haakaa breast pump.

If you have any questions, concerns or additional tips, let me know in the comments!

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