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The 8 Sweaters Every Mom Needs (All for Under $30)

Fall is in the air, and with it so are the pumpkin spice lattes, selfies in pumpkin patches, and a Pinterest board full of Thanksgiving recipes. What goes best with all of those things? Sweaters.

Yup! It’s that time!

A fall staple and a must-have in every mom’s closet, sweaters are the quintessential foundation piece in a fall wardrobe (ok boots might be a close competitor).

When it comes to #momstyle, sweaters are the perfect way to say “hey I got dressed and ready today despite epic meltdowns” even if that meant 5 minutes ago. Whether it is for a cozy night in, a day apple picking, or out scouring for early bird holiday deals, every mom needs a few sweaters that match her signature style and that are key pieces in her capsule wardrobe.

Here are the 8 types of sweaters that—when added to your closet—will get you through every type of fall activity in style.

Best Fall Sweaters for Moms

Essentials Women’s V-Neck Sweater

Orange V neck sweater from Amazon.

Sweater idea from Amazon for moms.The perfect layering pieces, a V Neck goes with anything and looks great under vests as well.

Off Shoulder Knit

Off the shoulder black sweater.

Love this for the once in a (fall) blue moon you actually get a date night, or for dressing up for a night with your mom friends!

Cardigan with Pockets

Grey knit button up sweater.Sweater for moms from Amazon.

The Mama lifesaver. Throw it over a nursing tank, quickly cover up spitup, and stash a binky on the go in the pockets. Every mom needs at least one, if not more. The chunky knit of this one is extra cozy for winter too.

Crewneck Stripe Maroon an white striped sweater from Amazon.Seater from

I have a similar sweater to this one in navy, and I wear it more than anything. It also will transition for a summer sweater with shorts as well!

Knitted PonchoGrey, white and black poncho sweater.Sweater from Amazon web store.Paired with leggings, a poncho can be relaxed or dressed up with accessories. It also hides a baby bump for those mamas who haven’t announced yet, making it one of the loved first trimester outfits during fall or winter!

Thin Dolman Long Sleeve 

Grey V neck sweater for woman.

Love how lightweight this is—let’s face it, chasing kids around works up a sweat, and lighter layers are easier to pull up for nursing too.

Long Sleeve Button Down 

White, button up sweater with tie in front.Amazon online store sweater.

This would be perfect for the breastfeeding mama. I have the short sleeve version and am definitely considering adding this one in. Any button up would be a good option for easy access for nursing, however.

Chunky Knit Cardigan 

Hunter green chunky knit sweater.Sweater for mom from Amazon site.

Just add a pumpkin spice latte and a chunky beanie and you are fall ready.


Any favorites? Let me know!

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