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The Best Gifts for Kids 5-12

Once kids reach the age of 5 they have lots of ideas about what constitutes the best gifts for kids their age! While every child is different, we’ve selected 10 items that are sure to make kids happy with a little something for every interest!

From creative gifts or experiences, to practical gifts that will help them explore their hobbies, to fun toys to keep them entertained, these gifts are sure to please!

Best Gifts for Kids 5-12

Awesome Apparel to Pursue Their Passions

Kids Elevated Hardshell Jacket from Shred Dog

shred dog elevated hardshell jacket

We love this 20k/20k waterproof jacket, which is soft and easy to layer up for changing conditions from the ski slopes to the local park. D2C pricing means adult-level performance at affordable cost so kids can stay out as long as you want. The best part is the Adjust-a-Fit™ sleeves that lengthen AND shorten for a perfect fit and room to grow, children unisex sizes 4-16.

foundation base layer top shred dog
foundation base layer bottom shred dog

You could also go with the a base layer top and pant for fun in any weather (they are moisture wicking with a 4 way stretch making them super comfy and our test kid-approved).

Creative Activities

Treemendous Ornament Decorating Kit

ornament decorating set for kids

From the creators of the original EggMazing Egg Decorator…the perfect DIY craft to embrace the holiday season. Place one of the ornaments included with the kit into the tree-shaped decorator and let the fun begin!

The machine holds and spins the ornament while the markers are used to create stripes, line and other designs! Available at Target.

DinoMazing Egg Decorator

DinoMazing Egg Decorator allows kids to color and create their own dinosaur eggs using a mechanism that spins the egg while you decorate! Plus, inside each Dino egg is slime and your own collectible dinosaur! Available on Amazon.

dino egg decorating kit for kids

Paint by Pom Pom

Paint by pom pom activity set.Image from from a gift guide for kids.

Paint by Pom Pom is the perfect way to entertain the kids during the winter or spend some quality family time together without needing to spend hours cleaning up afterward.

Designed to recreate the popular paint-by-number crafts, Paint by Pom Pom is a unique way to create pom pom crafts without the mess! The framed artwork is designed with a peel and stick background that shows the image – simply place the colored pom poms by following the numbers on picture below to complete your pom pom masterpiece!

Piggy Paint

piggy paint bottles

Piggy Paint is great as a kid’s stock stuffer – it’s a line of adorable super safe nail polish for kids that is made from the safest ingredients and come in the most fun colors!

Great Toys + Games


PLAYMOBIL continues to befriend a whole new generation of curious-minded kids – and evoke nostalgia with parents – with the launch of the new Scooby-Doo! line.

scooby doo van with characters
Scooby-Doo plastic toy.

Check out this cute set that includes Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Ghost, Scooby Snacks and more! Available on for $12.99.

Pizza Party Throwdown

In this frantic, fun action game players race to see who can fling the most pizza toppings on the spinning pizza pie game board before time runs out! Available on Target for $19.99.

hog wild pizza party

Holiday Poppers

Hog Wild brings you your Holiday Poppers as part of its POPular Poppers line! We’re offering you a Yeti Holiday Popper! Available on Amazon.

hog wild holiday poppers toy


Mimbleballs are cute little cuddly critters that are also designed to be great therapy toys.

Fuzzy haired silly toy.Image from gift guide for kids.

Discover the Mimbleball’s superpower as soon as you hold it in your hands: smooth the soft hair down, and then give it a tap on the underside or a little shake — its hair stands straight up and invokes surprised laughter from everyone who sees it. 

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