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End the Car Seat Coat Battle with this Coat Designed for Car Seats!

Did you know that wearing coats in car seats can actually be really unsafe?

As a mom to a toddler I struggle every winter in the car seat coat battle—and I know I’m not alone in that! So rather than fight the battle, why not just make it safer?

That is what one company did when they designed a coat for a car seat, keeping kids safe and saving parents sanity everywhere!

Thank you OneKid for partnering up on this video to help keep more children safe and warm in the car!

Check out the new video below for more on the OneKid Road Coat and other ways to keep babies and toddlers warm and safe this winter

A Coat for Car Seats—what a great idea!

Seriously—I wish I had thought of that! Watch the video to learn more about how to keep babies, toddler and even big kids safe and warm—in and out of the car!

A few notes from the video:


  • The Pinch test is a way to see if the coat is creating too much space in between the harness and the child.

To try it, put your child in their coat and strap them into their car seat, pulling the harness snug as you usually do (or should if you haven’t been!). You should not be able to pinch the webbing on the harness between your thumb and forefinger. 

Then, unbuckle your child and remove them from the car seat WITHOUT LOOSENING the straps. Remove the coat, then place them back into the car seat.

If the straps no longer fit snugly in the same manner, then the coat is not safe to wear. 

Pssst… The pinch test is a great way to make sure the car seats straps are snug normally too, I do it every time I buckle Charlie in (just pinching the webbing to make sure it is tight enough). 

*I am not a CPST, so please direct any specific concerns about your individual car seat to one, and always follow your manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and use of your car seats!

Were you surprised when you found out about the safety of coats in car seats? How do you keep your kids warm while in the car? Let me know!

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